Burra Town Timeline


An Act was passed "to empower His Majesty to erect South Australia into a British Province or Provinces and to provide for the Colonisation and Government thereof"



December - Discovery and naming of Mt. Bryan by the Governor, Lt. Col. George Gawler. It was named in honour of Henry Bryan, a young man who became lost and perished of thirst during Gawler's expedition.


Captain E.C. Frome, Surveyor-General, on an expedition northwards, sketches a shepherd's hut on the 'Burra Burra Creek'.


Town site chosen in October, first streets laid out and sites for 12 cottages marked in Thames Street.

Town named Cooringa which soon came to be spelled Kooringa


S. Stocks jun. and G.S. Kingston lay out 65 allotments of ½ acre in Kooringa with 3 blocks of 2½ acres for company cottages. First cottages ready to roof by April.

First police arrive in September; station and stables built.

Population December: 238 men, 70 women, 160 children.

Burra Hotel (1st) built: with adjoining brewery.

Mr and Mrs Jolly open 1st school on allotment 73 Commercial Street.


First church built: Kooringa Wesleyan Chapel

Paxton Square begun

Creek dwellings extend along several miles of creek and house 400-500

Miners Arms Hotel Built

Population reaches c.1500


Minor flooding of dug-outs: a warning

Kooringa Wesleyan Day School opens


Original Bible Christian Chapel opened in December

St Mary's on Limestone Hill built

Kooringa Anglican Parochial School opened

Redruth allotments sold but SAMA buys 77 of the 120 at highly inflated prices

Sale of Aberdeen unsuccessful: less than 20 of 144 allotment sold

Smelter's Home Hotel opens

Kooringa Wesleyan Chapel enlarged to seat 450

Burra Oddfellows Lodge (MU) established


Congregation Church opened by Rev. T.Q. Stow

Baptists granted allotment 295 Kooringa

Town's first public meeting discusses proposed SA constitution

Flash flood enters over 80 dug-out houses in February

Original Bridge Street Bridge erected

Kooringa Primitive Methodist Church erected

Sod Hut Inn opens

William Cawthorne draws the only picture of the dugouts in use


S.A. Census: 1800 of 4,403 persons in the Special Survey lived in an estimated 600 dug-out houses.

Two major floods spell the end of dug-out housing

10th July first election in Burra: for the SA Legislative Council

Fist Redruth Wesleyan Chapel erected


Men leave for Victorian Gold Fields

Large meeting of Ngadjuri, encouraged by white departures

White Hart Hotel begins to be built


The town at a standstill: many houses empty and dilapidated some with broken windows and doors agape, shops shuttered and abandoned.


Gradual return of men from Victoria and new migrants

Town slowly reborn

Pig and Whistle Hotel and Cross Roads Inn Hotel open


Welsh congregation takes over the Congregational Church

Township of Llwchwr offered for sale

Bushman's Home Hotel built


Redruth Gaol completed

Redruth Primitive Methodist Zion Chapel built


Redruth Court House erected

First Catholic school and chapel on allotment 41 Kooringa

Wesleyan Day School re-opens

Town of Hampton laid out

Burra Burra Miner's and Mechanics Institute opened


Townships of Millerton, Nelson,Yarwood, Roachtown, Williamston, Copperhouse and Lostwithiel laid out

Court House Hotel opens

Great Wesleyan revival


Second Bible Christian Chapel built

Telegraph and Post Office built

National Bank opens in April

The Great Flood: January 25th

Foundation stone of the never completed Anglican church of St Saviours, Redruth laid

Townships of Charleston, St Blazey and Westbury laid out

Cricket Club formed

Foresters Lodge founded


Welsh Chapel becomes the United Presbyterian Church

Telegraph office opens

Original Redruth Bridge built


Post Office combined with telegraph office

Eastern mail service begins: Kooringa to Duffield's Well

Exodus of miners to Yorke Peninsula and elsewhere begins

National Bank building completed


John McDouall Stuart and party arrive and stay overnight at Burra on their return journey across Australia.

Departures of miners continues

Wesleyan revival under Rev. Thomas Lloyd and Bible Christian revival under Rev. Joseph Hancock


SAMA gives £10 towards street repairs

For first time the road is made from Burra Hotel (now the hospital) to the Commercial Street Bridge


Town depressed with shops closed and many houses unoccupied

Burra Grammar School opens on site of Congregational/Presbyterian Church

F.R. White's Commercial School opens


Princess Royal Homestead built. Designed by Edmund Wright

Rechabite Lodge established


In December, while Ayers was premier of the colony, a vital decision for the town's future was taken. Act No 20 of 1867 authorised the construction of the Forrester's (i.e. Tarlee) to Burra Railway. This encouraged some land north of Burra to be converted from grazing to agriculture.


Town further depressed when underground mining ceases with loss of over 500 jobs

Parliament approves extension of the railway to Burra


The passage of the Waste Land Amendment Act (Generally referred to as the Strangways act) permitted purchase of land in blocks of up to 640 acres on credit. This resulted in a rush of farmers to the district as some areas to the north of the town and later to the east became available for closer settlement. This was important for the town's survival when the mine closed. The district produced 18,633 bushels of wheat in 1868, but in 1870 this had increased to 108,931 bushels and the next couple of years were to see the area under wheat double.

Town population has fallen from a peak of 5480 to 3,400

Occupied house fallen from 1225 to 877

SAMA decides to sell freehold properties in Kooringa

Mine workforce 46

Strangway's Act boosts farming in the district


Railway to Burra completed and the first train arrives.

On the agricultural front rabbits arrived in this year and multiplied rapidly to become a plague that would soon threaten the survival of pastoralist and wheat farmer alike.

Open cut mining begins to steady the decline


First ploughing match in Burra


New Aberdeen laid out

First Burra District Council formed.


Samuel Drew & Co. build wholesale store at Aberdeen saleyards.


Building boom sees erection of:

Roach's Flour Mill in Graham

Butterworth's Flour Mill in New Aberdeen

Redruth Wesleyan Church

Aberdeen branch of Bank of Australasia

Bon Accord Hotel

St Joseph's Church

Kooringa Police Station

Tiver's Store Aberdeen


By this year rabbits were in plague numbers. In some areas to the east pastoralists were losing sheep due to starvation as a consequence of rabbits and some farmers were reaping less wheat than they sowed.

Welcome to explorer John Forrest.

Mining Association offers Burra Hotel to Council for a hospital.


June 30 - Burra's first newspaper Burra News and Northern Mail (later the Burra Record) printed.

Welcome to explorer Ernest Giles.

Proclamation of first Corporation of Town of Burra.

Commercial Hotel completed.

February 18, three railway employees were killed as a train plunged into a 20 ft. gap caused by a washaway at Spring Bank, near Burra.


Burra's first Agricultural Show.

Burra Hospital opened and Foundation Stone of Burra Model (Primary) School laid on same day.


January. Burra Model (Primary) School opens.

May Extension of railway to Hallett.

Council orders Ranger to destroy goats in streets.


Redruth Bridge and Kooringa Bridge (also known as Commercial Street Bridge, Kingston Street Bridge, Black Bridge and Red Bridge) open for traffic.

St. Mary's Church of England completed.


Planting of trees along Burra Creek.

Railway extended to Terowie.

Larrikinism of youths reaching 'alarming proportions'.

Present Royal Exchange Hotel replaces one destroyed by fire (Aberdeen).


Public pump and trough in Market Square in use.

Essington Lewis born in Burra.

Victoria Park Town Oval granted to Corporation by South Australian Mining Association.


Planting of trees around Victoria Park.

Dr. Brummit's house (next to Institute) lit by gas.

St. Mary's Convent School on Mt. Pleasant occupied.


Present Burra Railway Station built.

Pig and Whistle Hotel destroyed by fire.

Dam across Burra Creek suggested.


SalvationArmy Corps formed. Population of Burra 2,647 persons.

Number of houses 557.

Water (from old Bon Accord mine shaft) laid on to Redruth and Kooringa.


Salvation Army Citadel built.

Water supplied to 100 houses in Kooringa.


Many unemployed in Burra.Families leave for Broken Hill Mine.


Planting of trees along Jubilee Avenue between Kooringa and Redruth.

First bicycle club formed.


Opening of Petersburg (Peterborough) to Broken Hill railway.

Fountain erected in Jubilee Walk.

Bagot, Shakes and Lewis commence business.


Skating rink opened in Institute Hall.

Swing bridge erected over Burra Creek for school children.

Death of Captain Henry Roach of the Burra Burra Mine.

Wettest recorded year - 27.80 inches


Discovery of Diprotodon fossils at Baldina Creek.

Tenders called for two storey building in Market Square for Elder, Smith & Co.


Bagot, Shakes and Lewis build new sale yards.


Christening of Bon Accord Bridge (now demolished).

Broken Hill v Burra football match at Broken Hill.


The new St Mary's Schoolroom was opened with a dedicatory service on Sunday 24 September, when Rev. A.G. King officiated.

Demonstration of Edison's phonograph in Institute.


Redruth Gaol closed (opened 1856)

Burra Burra Show held at Victoria Park (town oval) .


Death of Thomas Warnes - pioneer pastoralist.


Redruth Gaol to become Redruth Girls Reformatory.


First escape from Girls Reformatory.

First Burra Bicycle Club sports at Victoria Park.

Visit of Government geologist, H.Y.L. Brown to Burra Burra Mine.


Burra Slag Extraction Company begin treating slag-heaps at mine.


Farewell to Mr. and Mrs. McCulloch of Princess Royal. Property acquired by John Tennant.


July 27. White Sunday - Burra's greatest snowstorm.

Horse sales in Market Square each month.


Unicorn Brewery closed.

First motor car appears for sale in Burra.


First stock of motor-bicycles. First two sold to Mr. T.H. Pearse of 'The Gums Station' and Mr. M.P. Baynes of Burra.


Rabbit plague- thousands are piled in heaps along the Eastern road making an unbearable stench for miles. Even in town 100 to 130 have been killed against fences in an hour or so.

In December the rabbiter J. Pick of Braemar was catching up to 3376 in a single night and recently disposed of 15,000 to 16,000.

Burra Hospital lit by acetylene gas.

Kooringa Methodist Church lit by acetylene gas.

Waterworks returned to government control.

Phosphate discovery at Bright.


Rabbit plague 25th January: Last week a rabbiter brought in 14¾ cwt of skins representing 15,000 rabbits.

Burgess is the top skinner and can get through 5 a minute when pressed.

Redruth Post Office closed 2nd October

Heavy snowfall in August and September: Tuesday 29th August second heaviest fall to that date (after 1901) Snow fell 4-5 a.m. and 7-11a.m. and extended far to the north being particularly heavy at Mt. Bryan. Monday 4th September extensive falls from Petersburg (Peterborough) to Mt Bryan over previous two days. None in Burra but on Monday visible on the hills just to the north of the town.

New pipe organ for St. Mary's Church of England.


Avenue of trees to cemetery planted.

Motor trip by car club to Morgan.


Selection of rabbit recipes in the paper "now that bunny is becoming so troublesome".

Most severe frost to that day on 27th June lasting all day. Ice 1inch thick on footbridge.

First Burra to Adelaide cycling race.


Monday 22nd June, heavy snow in the early morning with thaw about 9 a.m. Persisted all day in sheltered places. Another heavy fall at 2 p.m. melted quickly.

Tuesday 30 June snow on the hills and record fall to that date at Mt. Bryan, Burra Creek froze over in the town sufficiently to support children.

Tommy Halls buys 'lock, stock and barrel' Charley Grow's cab business.


Burra Burra Show transfers to new grounds at Aberdeen's Burra Race course, now known as “Leighton Oval” .

Old Wooden railway bridge at Aberdeen replaced by iron bridge.

Private Girls' High School transfers from 'Bleak House' to Mine Bridge (old mine stores).

First payment for old age pensioners introduced.

Syndicate purchases rooms known as Burra Musical and Dramatic Club for the office of the Eastern Telephone Exchange. October telephone line east of Burra as far as Sturt Vale opened.

Sunday 25th July and Thursday 29th July saw light snow in Burra with a heavier fall on Sunday 1st August, which at Mt. Bryan persisted through Monday.


Severe storm and flood in September:

The nights of the 2nd and 3rd September saw a big storm and the worst flood for 20 years. Pig and Whistle bridge and Burra Hotel bridges washed away. Water at the doors of the White Hart and Gully's. At Mt Bryan the creek was 1 mile wide.

Sunday 9th October. Snow in Burra which persisted all day on higher ground around Mt. Bryan and Hallett.

Record wheat harvest at Mt. Bryan.

McBride cottages opened.

'Uncle Tom's Cabin' shown by West's pictures at Institute

Office of "Burra Record" destroyed by fire. Paper not published for three months. April-July

Old German Church burns down in July.


Earth tremors in February brought down ceilings at E. W. Crewes and at Black's at Princess Royal.

In June a severe mouse plague had them swarming in houses destroying clothes and bedding etc.

King's Memorial (Edward VII) Rotunda opened in Market Square.

King's Coronation Celebration on June 22 at the Rotunda.

John McLaren, Mayor, opens first Burra to Adelaide telephone service.

New Oddfellows Lodge Hall in Aberdeen

December: measles epidemic.


January: Afternoon passenger train derailed after striking a bull at the crossing. The train crash was near Fred Dew's farm near Burra. Veteran driver Matt Eye was the driver of the train.

February:Large bushfire in eastern station country.

Old hospital building, formerly Burra Hotel assembly room condemned as unsafe.

March: First performance of Burra Coronation Band

June: Roller Skating rink opens in Queen Street

August: Oakbank station shears 6000 sheep with machine in 8½ days with 6 men. Woolgangi to shear 15,00 by hand.

October: Paxton Square offered for sale by South Australian Mining Association: passed in at £500.A goods train runs through the turntable and onto the road at the Burra station

November: Eastern Telephone System now connects Sturt Vale, Old Koomooloo, Woolgangi, Baldina, Quongdong, Caroona, Mongolata, Redcliffe, Braemar, Faraway Hill, Oakbank and to the west Wahroonga and Leighton.

More mice

Diphtheria outbreak.

Public School built at Mt. Bryan.

Second storey added to Burra Hotel (previously Miners' Arms).


Burra High School opened in west wing of Primary School - 30 scholars enrolled.

Complaints concerning Sunday golf.


Kooringa Methodist Church replaces older one.

Mrs. Young opens private maternity hospital in George Street.

August. World War I.


Great flood breaks 1914 drought.

Early (6 p.m.) closing of hotels introduced in S.A.

Tar paving of Commercial Street begins.


Severe flooding to the west around Leighton. Two men swept away but manage to climb from water.

November 35 points or 8.75mm fell in 5 minutes, Commercial Street and Market Square flooded.

Tornado at Mackerode did £1,000 damage in 5 minutes. A dam lost 2 feet of water, 200 large trees destroyed along with sheds etc.

Mouse plague unabated.

Burra Mine area (262 acres) sold to A.J. McBride for $6,000.

March 14th White Hart Hotel burns down.


Booborowie to Burra fire in January.

Influenza February to June claims several lives. A return of it in September is milder but very widespread.

Burra Ladies' Cheer-Up-Band marches through Adelaide.

Tuesday 21st August. Snow fell early in the morning and further falls in late morning. It melted by about noon but remained on the hills.


November. Peace Day. Ringing of Fire bell at 9.30 p.m. to signal end of World War I.


Complaints about transparent blouses of some 'young ladies'.

Saturday 6th September produced driving hail, sleet and snow. Snow fell heavily around midnight with several inches on the ground on Sunday morning. More fell around midday and the views of the hills, especially around Mt. Bryan were magnificent. Rain removed it in the afternoon at Burra.

Influenza epidemic February to June results in a few deaths. Returns in August in milder form when hospital averages 27 patients a day. Very widespread.


Death at the age of 90 of R.J.M. McBride - pioneer pastoralist.

Opening of Burra bowling Club.

First Motor Ambulance exhibited in Market Square.


Grasshoppers in April to the East too thick to drive through and in November they strip the town bare and do great damage to crops and feed.

June. Commercial Street and Market Square flooded and Thames Street badly affected.

F. Highett, town lamplighter, hurt at football - no lights.

Revolution and riot at Girls Reformatory.

New Model T Ford on exhibition.

Morphett's Engine House chimney blown up for building stone.


Annual seaside trip to Semaphore - 1,400 passengers.

Hon. W.M. Hughes,Prime Minister of Australia, unveils Burra and District Fallen Soldiers' Memorial in Market Square.

Fire brigade station completed.

Institute (Town Hall) enlarged by addition of gallery and other changes.

Hospital gets x-ray equipment.

Great Western stained glass window dedicated in St. Mary's Church of England .

Funeral of John Lewis.

Girls Reformatory closed.


Sunday 30th September. Snow fell heavily about 3.30a.m. A.J. Cousin's funeral took 5 hours through snow, rain and hail to cover 20 miles from Booborowie to Kooringa. The horses often refused to move on in the blizzard conditions.

Fastest sheep sale dispose of 23,000 in 85 minutes.


Mr. G. Dow of Burra Motor Co. first to receive a radio broadcast from Adelaide.


Anthropologists investigate rock art found in 1922 and find half acre site of Aboriginal encampment with spear heads etc.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. S. M. Bruce visits.

Petrol pumps installed at local garages.

October 29th - Back to Burra - Back to School celebration. "Back to Burra" celebrations in October are very successful -- two old miners' dugouts opened to the public

In November a plane crashes on take-off from the racecourse destroying the machine but pilot Smith & two passengers unhurt.

Government decides to sell Ayers Forest for closer settlement.

Fire severely damages Commercial Hotel stables.

Severe measles epidemic. Burra school closed in July when only 80 of 276 on the roll attended.

Jubilee Show on new showground.

March 27 - Burra Electricity Co. switches on lights for first time.

Redruth Methodist Memorial Sunday School completed.

Morphett's Engine House and shaft etc. destroyed by fire.

'Johnny Green' the miners' mascot falls to ground.

Maternity Wing at the hospital opened.

Severe dust storm in October.


Burra Country Women's Association founded. Mrs. I.J. Warnes first President.


Porter's Lagoon Third Annual Aquatic Sports.

January an Italian working at A.B.Riggs sent a slag sample for testing. A further 50 tons have been requested and if it works out it could be quite profitable.

April. Effort by Mr. H. Atkins and other to turn Porter's Lagoon into a "seaside" resort of the north

1st sport day at the Lagoon.

May Eastern subdivision of Graham offered for sale by estate of late William West - 75 building sites south of St. Just Street.

May 10th Heavy fall of snow Peterborough, Hallett, Terowie and Mt. Bryan. Light fall at Burra at 3.30pm. Around Hallett it fell continuously for 6 hours.

September The Westbury Methodist Church was reopened 4th September after extensive renovations paid for in part by money from Education Department which bought the Copperhouse Primitive Methodist Church and converted it to the school.

(Westbury Church often called Copperhouse Church as it was almost adjacent to the village)

November Butterworth's old mill New Aberdeen becomes Shell Depot.

C.W.A. in South Australia begins with Burra Branch Mrs I.J. Warnes first president.

Children's playground opposite St. Joseph's constructed. Open over Christmas holidays.


February Porter's Lagoon Boat Club 2nd sport meeting attracted almost 300 cars.

19th March Burra and District Honour Roll for the Great War unveiled by Governor Sir Tom Bridges.

April South Australian Farmer's Union cease retail trading in Burra.

New wing added to St Joseph's Convent (opened November)

September Governor General Lord Stonehaven visits Burra and Booborowie and Collins Park at Mt. Bryan.

Snow fell in Burra on Saturday 24th September with falls before 6.30a.m. and again just after 7.a.m.

New isolation ward at Burra Hospital completed in November.


January Porter's Lagoon Aquatic Sports attract over 3000 people.

February Church of England Day School opens

March Motor racing on Blink Bonnie Lagoon

Handel's Messiah produced with chorus of 170

April Burra School's Jubilee celebrations

June John Melrose made a Knight Bachelor

George Wilkins made a Knight Bachelor henceforth known as Sir Hubert Wilkins

September Redruth Court changed to Burra Court

August Vacuum Oil Depot being built at the Bon Accord Corner


February Aberdeen Croquet Club opened

February Copperhouse School old church porch removed and other improvements made

School held in Westbury Church during alterations

Burra Boy Scouts reformed

June Unemployment high locally

An aerodrome near the racecourse being considered

August death of E.W. Crewes, Mayor throughout the Boer War and again in the Great War

Jubilee of St. Mary's Church

Chevrolet Touring Car £398 at Wright's Motors.

30th August - 1st September, extreme wind and cold with sleet after severe dust storms. Dry to the east with worst dust storm in 50 years; further bad dust storm in December. Specifically, 30th August Extremely windy and dusty, 31 August Very cold and windy with rain and sleet around midnight, 1st September Severe fronts Sunday night

The dust storms on 30th and 31st especially to the east were hellish: in places blood red and elsewhere brownie-black. At Ketchowla a large lorry, in gear and with brakes on, was blown 200 yards into a tree. Eastern properties had lights on all day and in the worst dust storm for 50 years. Mr and Mrs W. H. Sandland drove in from Balah in 8½ hours for a trip normally of 1½ hours to 2 hours. At one stage they had to stop for 3 hours, unable to see past the bonnet of the car nor to hear the car horn or engine. A following lorry kept bumping in to them, the driver unable to see in the dust. To the west and south the rain was needed but the snow and hail will bring big sheep losses. Snow persisted in gullies on Sunday around Mt Bryan and Ulooloo. Not enough rain fell to the east to settle the dust.


Gold field discovered at Mongolata. Messrs. Byles Jnr. and Snr. take ore to Adelaide for survey.


Mongolata Gold Fields expand rapidly attracting many unemployed men.

Unemployed try to work Burra Mine but fail to make enough for food.

Porters Lagoon too low for aquatic sports: by March salt is being harvested.

District's Soldiers Settlers with average holdings of 400 acres could not earn the basic wage.

Men on rations in town vary through the year from c.70-100.

Burra and District Brass Band formed under J.H. Murison.

Council aids unemployed but runs overdraft to £1,100 (on an income from rate of £1,400)

In July coldest day for 52 years.

November air pageant in M. Collins's paddock at Copperhouse: acrobatic display, parachute drop & joy flights.

December: G.E. Dane produces Handel's Messiah" at the Institute with local soloists & over 100 performers.


Sir Charles Kingsford Smith lands at Burra in Southern Cross and fifty Burraites pay for a ride. Welcomed by Councillor Jennison.


Opening of gold battery on Mongolata gold field.


Gold nugget weighing 183 ounces found at Mongolata (Pexton's nugget).


Union of District Council areas of Burra, Hanson, Booborowie and Mt. Bryan. Isaac J. Warnes first chairman of new District Council of Burra Burra.


Centenary of South Australia.

New furniture placed in Town Hall Committee Room following appeal by Mayor, T.H. Woollacott, to pioneer families.


J. H. Murison, bandmaster, moves to Waikerie, band goes into recess.

Beginning of protracted & ultimately unsuccessful plans for a town swimming pool.

Activities at Mongolata continue but mostly confined to Baldina Mongolata gold Mining Syndicate & Byles Mongolata Gold Mining Co.

12 May Interdenominational Divine Service at the Institute for Coronation of King George VI

Mrs Mary Warnes awarded M.B.E. in Coronation Honours.

June visit of Swann Reach "All Blacks" Aboriginal footballers. Burra Assoc. defeat them at Booborowie 128-70.

27 July a broken axle derails carriages of Broken Hill Express which then run 500 metres to strike the station platform. No serious injuries.

2 September; highest flood since 1915 reaches about 2 metres over Pig & Whistle ford.

20 September: heavy snow on northern fringe of town

Smelts chimney declared unsafe

Much consternation over parking around the curve in Market Square.

20 Dec. Max Pearce & J.L. Cleary killed in car accidents south of Booborowie.


Commencement of Tarlee-Burra bitumen road (v.1960).

Explorer, Sir Hubert Wilkins revisits Mt. Bryan East, camps at his old homestead and visits his old school.


Corporation takes over responsibility for Institute.

September - World War II begins.


Burra Show cancelled for duration of War.

Petrol rationing commences.


Burra Record reduced in size because of paper shortage.

Roach's flour mill at Aberdeen demolished


Black-out signal if Burra bombed - Bells throughout town to be rung 'vigorously and continuously for a period of four minutes'.


Burra Burra District Council purchases offices on the corner of Chapel and Commercial Streets . .


Death of I.J. Warnes, Chairman District Council of Mt. Bryan 1906-1935; Chairman, District Council of Burra Burra 1935-1942.


Burra Centenary year. Mayor, T.H. Woollacott awarded M.B.E..

World War II ends.


S.A. Farmers Union Store becomes Returned Soldiers League club rooms.


Mt. Bryan East school closed


Burra/Adelaide cycle race resumed (first race 1910).

Merino Stud Field days held.


Centenary of Kooringa Masonic Lodge.


Jubilee celebrations of Corporation (Mayor W. Carpenter). 'The Gap' Station sold to Mr. Rex Warnes. First Housing Trust homes in Burra erected.


Eight hundred miles of road in Burra District Council area.


Old Smelts chimney demolished.

Burra takes football premiership (first time for eighteen years).


First T.V. display - in Town Hall.

Old suspension bridge replaced by present footbridge.


Death of Sir Hubert Wilkins


S.A. Electricity Trust takes over Burra electricity supply.


New Post Office opened in Market Square.

Swimming pool opened by G. Stanley Hawker.

Bitumen road to Burra completed.


17th November Burra Burra Mine area (acquired by District Council) officially opened as a tourist resort.


Erection of wheat silos at Hallet and Burra begin.


New Burra silos filled with wheat in seven days (200,000 bushels).


Burra connected with Morgan/Whyalla pipeline.

Opening of Burra National Trust Museum.

Opening of Burra Burra and District Branch of National Trust.


Driest year on record 6.50 inches (1914 previously with 7.17 inches).


Street numbering of houses commenced.


Mrs. Reta Jennison awarded British Empire Medal for services to town. Amalgamation of Council and Corporation. Mayor Edward Thomas Baulderstone retires after record term of fifteen years.

Burra Sketchbook published by Maurice Perry and Ian Auhl.

Opening of Burra Ambulance centre and EFS 1st June


World record price for Merino ram (Collinsville Stud) $27,200.


Dedication of memorial to Thomas Pickett, discoverer of Burra Burra Mine.

Samin Ltd. begin production of copper concentrates at the Burra Mine.

Burra North Post Office Closed


First Copper Festival. Unveiling of resited Cornish Chimney at mine entrance by Governor of South Australia, Sir Mark Oliphant.

Plans of $3 million Stage 2 section announced by Samin Ltd.

Centenary of Burra District Council.


Official opening of Barker of Baldina Aged Cottage Homes 27th May


Second Burra Copper Festival.

Wettest year on record (34.06 inches, previously 27.80 inches, 1889).

July 2nd Hanson Post Office closed after 84 years. It began at Davies Town Railway Station.


Beginning of reconstruction of Burra School.


June 28 - Centenary Corporation of Town of Burra.

June 30 - Centenary of publication of the Burra newspaper. The newspaper was known as the Northern Mail in 1876 and then from 1878 it became known as theBurra Record.

Census 1201 persons, 463 buildings


March 1 - Centenary of Laying of foundation stone of Primary School (opened January 25, 1878).

March 1 - Centenary of opening of Burra Hospital.

September 12 - Centenary of Burra Show Society.

September 29 - Centenary of closure of Burra Burra Mine.

Burra Record ceased operation 8th March to be known as Review-Times-Record an amalgamation with Peterborough, Jamestown and Orroroo based papers and printed at Port Pirie.

Booborowie centenary

Author's Note: Dates for events given here have been obtained by search of newspapers - the Adelaide Register until June, 1876, and the Burra Record thereafter


April - Opening of new school buildings

Sept - Opening of library at Burra School

Nov - Hallet Masonic Lodged closed


"Breaker Morant" filmed in and around Burra.

Tourist Information office opened.

19th August, Burra Charter adopted in Burra.

Clode's Squash Courts opened at Burra North

Burra Football and cricket club wins A grade cricket premiership

Retirement of Tom Perry District Council Clerk


East Bungaree Stud sold to industrialist and grazier Mr W H Wylie

May 30th - Opening of New District Council Offices & Civic Centre


Work ceases on Mine Open Cut.

Burra Burra Branch of the National Trust announces plans for Bon Accord Museum.

Jan 21st - New Mt Bryan School building opened

Centenary of the birth of Essington Lewis (born Kooringa, Burra 13th Jan. 1881)

Sept 30th Manual Telephone Exchange closes


Bike and walking track in Burra sealed

Booborowie Hall extensions opened

Oct 31st - Burra Community Sports Complex officially opened

Ian Auhl appointed honorary Historian of Burra Council

Helen Stockman first woman elected to District Council

Paxton Square restorations began

Census - 1982 - 1222 persons , 496 buildings


Paxton Square Cottages opened for tourist accommodation.

Burra Copper Festival


Colin Fidock Citizen of the year. 6 years library & St Mary's Church and National Trust

Twin Town Project SA - Texas Visitors from Kerriville, Texas to Burra

Creek dredging

Henry Hyde Winnall Born 8th may 1907 died 21st Feb. 1982, ashes scattered in Mine Pool. Father of Mayor 1902/03

Sign erected at Post Office for fire danger

Rerouting of Barrier Highway and Morgan Road - demise of Croquet Club

May - First stock sale by video Burra to Narrogwin in WA

Fountain monument at hospital for Mrs D. Baulderstone last lady Mayoress

Ray Jennison AM (order of Australia

July 15th Burra Hospital day care centre opened

State Bank takeover

ANZ bank gets ramp for disabled

July 5th Snow at Burra Community School

Oct - Kooringa Hotel 100 years old


Jan. 23rd Burra to Broken Hill wheel barrow push commenced

Tom Perry (Council Clerk) farewelled


May 4th and 5th Jubilee Industry trade train in Burra

Opening of new Dalgety Bennett Farmers premises

Jubilee 150 Burra Civil Jubilee Ball Governor and Lady Dunstan attended

S.A. 150 Celebration.

Ian Auhl collection at Community library.

Market Square layout altered.

5th October, Opening of reconstructed Morphett's Engine House.


Local History room opened.

Elders mark 100 years of livestock sales in Burra.

Australia Day citizen of the year Mrs Olive Oates

Kooringa School building 110 years old, opened 22nd Feb, 1877

May 15th - Jennison Tyre Service ceases trading after 65 years in Business

Oct. 19th - Matthews Emporium ceases trading after 65 years in business


Burra proclaimed Merino capital of the world


Paxton Square restoration completed.

Unicorn Brewery cellars re-opened as tourist attraction.


National Trust holds 25th AGM


Burra Motor Inn opened

Sports Complex gutted by fire.

Community Activities centre opened.


Old Post Office Building sold.

Burra Broadcaster began.

Burra proclaimed a State Heritage Area.

Floods in Burra 25th Jan - worst floods in 50 years.


Community swimming pool completed.

Opening of Goyder House boarding house for isolated students.


Burra's150 year celebration


Official opening of the Burra Art Gallery held on 5th October, 1996.


Regional Council of Goyder proclaimed 3rd February as a result of amalgamation of the former District Councils of Burra Burra, Eudunda, Hallet and Robertown.


Burra Morgan Road sealed opened by Minister of Transport, Diana Laidlaw on 29th March

Renovations to Ambulance Centre


Burra golf course greened

Floods on Christmas Eve


Chicken farm opened June

Kooringa Masonic Lodge celebrates 150 years on 18th February

Archaeological survey by Flinders University of dugouts at Mitchell Flat.

Princess Royal sold to C R and S P Pty Ltd


Mt Bryan School closed December

Kooringa road sealed from Paradise to Ford's corner February

Sir Hubert Wilkins memorial opened by Dick Smith in June


First Jazz in the Monster Mine

Burra hospital closes maternity section


Old fire station closed 12th march

Burra wins three tourism awards

Burra Community School celebrates 25 years


CWA celebrates 75 years

Steel girders strengthen Kooringa Bridge

Holder Homes at Burra Hospital opened 23rd May

Disused Railway Bridge removed over highway at Burra North 27th May


April - Asbestos removed from Burra Community School. It was the largest construction project to have occurred since the rebuilding of the school in 1976 at a cost of $1.5 million.