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Burra Resources

The following resources and links are available for further research :-

References. This includes books, unpublished research, cemetery records, booklets and other publications

Useful Links. This includes everything from tourism websites to genealogy websites.

Online Databases. This includes information such as Burra marriages and Burra school register records.



There are many references available on the township of Burra and her people. We have sorted the references into the following categories:-

Unfortunately, many of these valuable resources are either out of print or have never been officially published, however all the references mentioned below are available at the Ian Auhl History Room at the Burra Community Library.


Mining Era

Auhl, Ian, The Story Of The Monster Mine The Burra Burra Mine And Its Townships 1845-1877. Investigator Press, Adelaide 1986

Auhl, Ian, Burra And District A Pictorial Memoir Lynton Publishing, Blackwood1975

Auhl, Ian, Denis Marfleet, Australia’s Earliest Mining Era South Australia 1841-1851 Paintings by S.T.Gill, Rigby, 1975

Auhl, Ian, Burra Burra Reminiscences of The Burra Mine and its Townships, Adelaide 1975

Auhl, Ian, The Burra Model School 1878-1978 A Centenary History, Blackwood, 1977

Carter, Jennifer, Burra 1845-1851 a Directory of Early Folk, 1996

Drew, G. J. Burra Miners 1860-1865 and Index to Burra Burra Mines Copper ore Day books July 1860-November 1861 October 1863-December 1865

Treloar, Frank, The Burra Mine Reminiscences of its Rise and Fall 1845-1877 1929


Burra General

Auhl, Ian, Perry Maurice, Burra Sketchbook, Hong Kong, 1969

Finch, Peter, &Auhl, Ian, Burra in Colour, Rigby, Adelaide

Fuss, Eric, Summaries of the Burra Record 1845 - 2013, Download files available for purchase



Auhl, Ian, In Cellar Cool Unicorn Brewery Kooringa 1873-1902, Adelaide 1974

Auhl, Ian, Burra Glimpses of the past, Adelaide, 1979

Auhl, Ian, Burra in Historial Perspective

Auhl, Ian, District council of Burra Burra 1872-1972 A history of local government 1972

Back to Burra Souvenir 1925 Burra Burra Show Incorporated, Burra, 1925

Burra Centenary Committee, Back to Burra Celebrations 1936

Burra Centenary Souvenir 1945, Burra 1945

Burra S Aus, Jubilee Year Souvenir, 1951, Burra 1951

Drew G. J. Morphetts Engine house and the Cornish Beam Engine Burra Mine South Australia, Adelaide 1987

Drew G.B. Discovering Historic Burra South Australia, Burra 1988

Field D H, Shipard R Stockman P Stockman H Burra Burra Show Incorporated 1977, Burra 1977

Fretwell, Leonie, The Burra Institute The first 50 years, Burra 2002

Hampton Village Conservation Study LHBUR1TP00003

Maxtead, Norm, Kooringa Lodge No 6 South Australian Constitution Sesquicentenary Celebrations 2000 Paxton Square Burra South Australia

School Daze (An account of the schools throughout the Burra and district 1845-1995, Burra 1995

Wilson, John, Rails to the Burra, Adelaide 1970

Bannear, David, Report of a preliminary survey of the Bushman's Rest Hotel Burra

The Ludgvan Street Bypass Archaeological Survey (this and the above go together) they had to demolish the Bushman's rest which had been a private residence for decades to make the bypass


District Histories

Emmaus to Worlds End A History of the Robertstown Council Area 1986

Harris, Robin Farrell Flat 1986

Richards Marlene Hallett Review 1977-1997, Clare 1997



Burra News and Northern Mail

Burra Record

Facsimile The Northern Mail Friday June 30, 1876

The Burra Record Sesquicentennial December 1994, October 1995

The Northern Mail

Special Publications


The Churches

Alvey, Harry, Burra its Mines and Methodism, Adelaide 1961

Hall, Frank &Elaine, St Mary the Virgin Church of England Burra South Australia Baptism Marriage Burial Service Records 2002

Hunt, Arnold D, This Side of Heaven A History of Methodism in South Australia Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide1985

Kooringa Methodist Golden Jubilee 1964, Burra 1964

Matthews, Kevin, Joseph’s Burra 1874-1974 A Brief History Of The Parish Of Burra, Adelaide, 1974

Redruth Methodist Church Baptismal Register 1922-1957

Reed, T T, Anglican Clergymen In South Australia In The Nineteenth Century, Gumeracha, 1986

Register of Baptisms Wesleyan Church Kooringa 1891-1918


Family History References

Biographical Index of South Australians

Button, Pat, A Free Passage to Paradise? Passenger Lists of United Kingdom Emigrants who applied for free passage to South Australia 1836-1840, Adelaide, 1992

Electoral Roll Division of Wakefield Sate Assembly District of Burra Burra 1938

Hall, Frank &Elaine The Burra School Enrolments Girls Jan 1878 to July 1915 Boys Jan 1878 to November 1919

Members of the Burra Community Library Let’s Not Forget, Burra 1987 Index to obituaries appearing in the Burra Record

Morrison; Frederic W. The Aldine History of South Australia, Adelaide, 1890

New Arrivals Births Recorded From “The Burra Record” 1877-1976” Burra 1995

Wedding Bells Marriages Recorded From “The Burra Record” 1877-1976” Burra 1995

Relatively Speaking young people write for the Jubliee Year , Burra 1986

Sand and McDougal Directories Burra Sections 1865-1871, 1883-1896, 1897-1973

Schahinger Berly E. South Australian Registration Districts of Birth Deaths and Marriages, Adelaide 1998

South Australian’s 1836-


Conservation Studies

Danvers Architects, Hampton

Flightpath Architects Mile End The Unicorn Brewery Cellars Structures, Burra, South Australia; A Conservation Study prepared by State Heiritage Branch, South Australian Department for Environment and Planning Mile End, 1988

Habitable Places, Former Storeroom and Yards

Lester Firth Merton and Ian Auhl, Burra Conservation Plan

McDougall and Vines, Burra Cemetery

Weidenhofer Architects, Burra Railway Station


Cemetery Records

Apoinga Transcriptions

Baldina Lutheran Transcriptions

Black Springs Cemetery Register

Black Springs Cemetery Transcriptions

Booborowie Burial register

Booborowie Transcriptions

Bright Cemetery Register LHWORICM0001

Burra Burial Register 1854-1997

Burra Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions to 1976 South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society

Cemeteries in the Burra District- Burial Registers and Headstone Transcriptions

Cemetery Headstone Transcription 1971 – 1999

Emu Down Lutheran Transcriptions

Farrell Flat Cemetery Transcriptions

Hallett Burial Register

Hallett Transcriptions

Photographs of all Burra Cemetery Headstones

Waterloo Carlsruhe Lutheran Transcriptions

Waterloo Methodist Transcriptions


References Available at Burra Library

School Admission Registers (photocopies of original)

Burra High School 1913-1930
Burra Primary School Boys 1878-1898
  1878-1977 typed copy
Burra Primary School Boys & Girls 1920-1927
Burra Public School Girls 1878-1885
  1878-1977 typed copy
Burra Community School 1976-1979
Worlds End Creek 1926-1944
Thistlebeds School 1889-1906
Wheetlelande School 1908-1929
Copperhouse School 1905-1917
Tothills Belt School 1875-1925
Headmasters list Burra High School
  Burra Primary School
  Burra Community School
  Wheetelande School
  World’s End Creek School
  St Joseph’s Convent
  Copperhouse School
Cemetery Registers
Kooringa 1899-1942
Registry of Interments 1854-1864
  1864-1898 June 1878-may 1881 missing
Farrell Flat  
Terowie 1885-1897
Register of Burial Terowie area  
List of subscribers towards cemetery wall 1854-1864
Warders Register Redruth Goal 1892-1894

School Daze an account of schools throughout Burra &district 1845-1995

Electoral Role district of Burra (Legislative Council) 1853

Conservation Studies &Surveys

Conservation study of Burra National Trust Museums Jan 1990

Burra &its townships a study of their form and function by Lesley Abel Nov 1990

Burra Creek Dwellers Dugouts Conservation Study

Austral Archaeology Pty Ltd

Burra Conservation Study September 1978 Lester Frith and Murton Pty Ltd

Burra Conservation Study Ian Auhl March 1978

The Unicorn Brewery A conservation study Flight Path Architects Sept 1988

Burra Smelting Works a Survey of its history and archaeology David Bannear

Paxton Square Cottages feasibility study Dept. of Environment 1979

Burra Creek Landscape Plan Feb 1994

The Burra Mine by Frank Treloar (photocopy)

Redbanks Management Plan off-road recreational vehicle area Dept. of lands Govt. of SA

Mine Artefacts 1987


Unpublished Research

Andrews, Brian, The Gothic Revival in Burra

Burra Police Records, A list of policemen stationed at Burra 1876- 1957

Burra Jubilee 150 Committee Burra Jubilee 150 Pioneer’s Notes 1995

Dearlove, Tom, The Burra Cheer-up Ladies Band

Fuss, Eric, Corporation of the Town of Burra Councils and Municipal Elections 1876-1969

Fuss, Eric, Summary of the Northern Mail and The Burra News and Northern Mail Volume 1 1876-7

Fuss, Eric, Summary of the Burra News and Northern Mail (Previously the Northern Mail) Volume 2 1877-8

Fuss, Eric, Summary of the Burra Record Volume VIII 1886-7

Fuss, Eric, Chinese in Burra

Fuss, Eric, An Index Of Men And Women From Burra And District Involved In World War 1 And The Boer War, 2003

Noye, R J, Apoinga First Smelter In The North

Pritchard, Elizabeth, Burra Cemetery Headstone and Obituaries

Satchell, Meredith, Primitive Methodist Chapel Kooringa Some notes on its history

Satchell, Meredith Disastrous Fire Transcription of articles from the Burra Record January and February 1919

Satchell, Meredith, The Butchers of Burra and the History of 2 Market Street Burra SA

Satchell, Meredith, 20 Market Square Kooringa

Satchell, Meredith, Burra and District During WWI A collection of photographs relating to Burra and district during the period 1914-1918


Other useful resources

Butler, Reg, Philips Alan, Register Personal Notices Volume 3 1866- 1870

Cockburn, Rodney, South Australia What’s In A Name Historically Significant Place Names, 1990

Drew, G. J. Connell J E Cornish Beam Engines in South Australia Department of Mines and Energy South Australia Adelaide, 1993

Hoad, J L, Hotels and Publicans in South Australia 1836-1984,

Langmead, Donald, Accidental Architect the life and time s of George Strickland Kingston, Sydney 1994

Lay, Patricia, Deadly Details A Guide To Some Cause Of Death Listed On Death Certificates, 1988

Manning, Geoffrey H., Manning’s Place names of South Australia 1990

The South Australian Genealogist Journal of the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society Inc.

Yeland E M Colonist Copper and Corn in the Colony of South Australia 1850-51 by Old Colonist, Adelaide 1983


Books available for sale from the Burra Visitor Centre

Drew, G. J. Connell J E, Cornish Beam Engines in South Australia Department of Mines and Energy South Australia Adelaide, 1993 - $40

Drew, G.J., Morphetts Enginehouse and Cornish Beam Engine - $15

Ratcliffe, Julian (for the Burra History Group), The Burra Story - $20 - The Burra Story is 100 pages. It is a brief history told through a collection of pamphlets on a series of topics of interest for visitors to the townships of Burra.

Satchell, Meredith and Eric Fuss, Burra: A Photographic Journey, Softcover $50.

Booklets List: Burra History Group 2017

Size No of pages
Burra Creek Heritage Walk A5 12
Burra Fires A5 8
Burra Floods A5 12
Burra Hotels A5 12
Burra’s Monster Mine A4 60
Burra Story A5 100
Burra Walk of Fame A5 12
Cornish Beam Engines A5 4
Cornish Connection A5 28
Dare’s Hill Circuit A5 16
Johnny Green A5 4
Kooringa Methodist Church Windows A5 8
Market Square Walk A5 24
Miners’ Dugouts A5 12
Paxton Square A5 4
Burra Railway Station A5 12
Redruth Gaol A5 8
Snow in Burra A5 12
The Bon Accord Mine A5 8
Thames Street Cottages A5 4
The Burra Burra Mine A5 12
The Burra Institute A5 28
The Burra Institute and Town Hall A5 8
The Burra Mines A5 4
The Burra School A5 4
The Burra Smelter A5 4
The Churches of Burra A5 12
The Early Townships A5 8
The Unicorn Brewery A5 4
The Redruth Methodist Church Windows A5 12
Windows of St Mary’s Church A5 28
The Mongolata Goldfields A5 36
The Telegraph Office A5 8
Burra Record Summaries CD CD
Burra Creek Guided Walk A5 28
The S.T. Gill Collection A4 8
Smelting Burra’s Ore A5 24
The Burra Jinker A5 8
The Burra Cemetery Walk A4 26
The Kooringa Walk A4 20


There is a wealth of information to be found on the internet, from sites which help you trace your genealogy to others which aid in your understanding of history and of course, tourism sites to help you decide what to do when visiting. Below is a listing of the classifications of those links that we have found to be useful:-


Useful Sites for Burra and Surrounding Districts

Burra Visitors Information Centre.

Burra in the West Briton Newspaper

 · About 1/4 way down....EMIGRATION TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA.... A letter from Mr W Trelow Burra, Burra Mine 1850·

  · Not far down....NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. - A letter from Mr. W. H. BOASE 1853

  · Not far down....MINING IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Letter 1850 (Very interesting)





Regional Council of Goyder Cemetery Records (for Burra, Booborowie, Eudunda, Farrell Flat, Hallett, Terowie, Whyte Yarcowie)

South Australian Cemeteries (links to many local government cemetery registers)

Centennial Park, Adelaide

Cemeteries SA

Cemetery Records and Transcriptions

Graveyard Photographs


Shipping Arrivals and Passenger Lists to South Australia


History & Genealogy Bookstores




Family History Groups and Other Associations




War Memorials, Monuments and Sites

Australian War Memorial (includes information on those who served and/or died)

War Memorials in Australia

Burra War Memorial

Australian Council of Monuments and Sites



Courtesy of both research and transcription work carried out by our members and other helpful individuals, we are pleased to make the following information available online.

All these pages can be searched using this method

Note: If you find an entry which you think is in error, please advise us and we will investigate and rectify, if we conclude that a mistake has in fact been made.

Booborowie Cemetry Register

Burra cemetery Register 1858-1899

This lists, Block (plot no) Name, Burial date, age, address and notes

Burra cemetery Register 1900-1988

This lists, Block (plot no) Name, Burial date, age, address and notes

Burra Headstone Transcriptions 1970-1999

Headstone Transcriptions for the graves outside the walled cemetery 1970-1999

Burra Soldiers in WW1 and the Boer War

Index of Men and Women from Burra and District involved in World War I (1914-1918) and The BOER WAR (1899 – 1902), based principally upon references in the Burra Record and District Honour Rolls and Monuments by Eric Fuss & Meredith Satchell © 1st Edition November 2003

Burra School Registration - Boys (from Burra Library)

Burra School Registration - Girls (from Burra Library)

Burra Record of Births

Births recorded in the Burra Record 1876-1976 - This states name of parents, name of child as printed in the paper, the date that the birth notice appeared and the page and column number of the microfilm. This is of limited use as the SA Births CDs are available, along with the summaries of the Burra Record compiled by Eric Fuss. This list is most useful for births after after 1928. Before that time the SA Births CDs are the most useful resource.

Burra Fallen Soldiers War Memorial

The plaque records the names of 102 men from Apoinga, Booborowie, Burra, Hallett, Hanson and Mt Bryan areas who gave their lives in World War I.

Miners & People in Burra to 1877

Burra Pioneers

Burra Notables

Origins of People in Burra

Births which occurred in Aberdeen, Hampton, Llwchwr, Millerton, Swansea Vale and Redruth generally between 1845 - 1869 - It lists the Father, Mother, Child, Date of Birth and the Father's Place of Birth. The document was compiled by Eric Fuss as a starting point to determine the origins of different settlers. Refer to "A Burra Myth" in the PLACES section for more information about this.

North Ward Burra Assessment Books 1873

Kooringa Ward Burra Assessment Books 1873

Redruth Ward Burra Assessment Books 1873

South Ward Burra Assessment Books 1873

Burra Councillers

Corporation of Burra booklet prepared by Eric Fuss. The booklet lists the elections and Councils for the 93 years of the Burra Town Council before it amalgamated with the District Council of Burra Burra in 1969. It also gives some information, where it was available, about those mayors councillors and municipal candidates.

Germans in Burra

Chinese in Burra

Burra Marriages

Burra Marriages from the Burra Library

Redruth Girls Reformatory

List of Girls Admitted to the Redruth Girls Reformatory 1897-1922 - An incomplete list of inmates of the Redruth Girls reformatory 1897-1922. This files contains name, year (presumably year of admission), File No, Employer and a line for Extra information which is sometimes empty

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