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The following information is discussed in this section:-

Guidelines to researching family genealogy

Common questions asked by those tracing their family genealogy

Surnames being researched.  This is in two parts:-

A summary of the surnames being researched

Information relating to the surnames being researched.

Of course, if you would like your family research query included on our website, then please contact the

Burra Family History Group and we will be happy to help.

If you are planning to visit to Burra and would like help in researching family or local history, please let us know.  You can make an appointment by emailing Jenny Loftus.


Start with yourself and work backwards!  Talk to your parents and other family members.  Write down all the details that you know about your immediate family such as:-

Date and Location of birth (town, state, country)

Baptism / Christening date and location (if applicable)

Where they grew up (town, state, country)

Marriage date and location of marriage

Divorce date (if applicable)

When and where family members were buried (cemetery name)

Collate all relevant documentation - birth, baptism, marriage, death certificates etc.

If you are fortunate enough to have older relatives still living, ask them what they know about the family - any family stories and of course, if they know the birth, marriage and death dates of other family members.  It is much easier when researching, if you have at least rough dates.

Remember to ask whether anyone in your family has ever done any family research themselves and if so, see what they have!

The internet is a very useful resource, particularly the Latter Day Saints family search site for those wishing to find family members overseas.  For that and other useful sites, go to our Resources page.

Data CDs of births, deaths and marriages are available for purchase for every Australian state.  Although pricey, they ultimately are much cheaper then purchasing individual certificates.

As your research takes you further into the past, you will find that censuses are very useful sources of information, as it is really only in relatively recent times that birth certificates were more readily available.

If your family came from the UK, then do a search for the county from which they came.  Most counties have family history groups which are very helpful and often have either databases that can be searched and/or publications for purchase.

And remember, make sure you gather photos of family members - this makes your research more interesting, as future generations will be able to put a face to the name on the chart.

One of our local historians, Eric Fuss has spent the past 9 years summarising Burra's former local paper, The Burra Record (and its predecessors) and the CD is now available for purchase for $30.  There are over 5000 pages of data and summaries date from 1876 to 1950.  It is an excellent resource for any family historian whose family had any connection to Burra.

Common Questions

The following is a list of the things that researchers commonly want to know when they come to Burra.  Here is a quick guide to help you find answers to those questions.

When did the family come to Burra?  Refer to the SA Births Index and District Registers

Where did they live?  Check out the Assessment Records (see Township and district maps)

What did they do?  Use the Burra Record Summary Search at the library or the Sand and McDougall Directories.  The Burra Record Summaries are now available for purchase!  $30 plus postage.

Where did they marry?  Look up the SA marriage index and District Registers and/or see our churches link

Where did they go to school? Refer to the list on the Online Databases section of the Resources page

Where where they born?  Check out the location, on our Township and districts of Burra map or the list of nursing homes

Where where they buried?  Go to the Resources page and look at the burial registers and Burra headstone photographs

Are there other people doing research on the same family?  The library has a list of people who are currently researching family members.  Refer below to see the surnames being researched.

Of course, there are also other useful places to look.  Try the photograph collection at library, obituaries from Burra Record or even the anecdotal information from Burra Record Summaries at Burra Library.

Genealogy is popular the world over.  The following people are researching family members who once lived in the Burra District.  If you think you can help, please contact them via the details provided.  If you have any difficulty making contact please email us and it will be passed on.

And don't forget, if you would like your family research query included here, then please contact the Burra Family History Group and we will be happy to help.

Summary of Surnames Being Researched

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