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Burra Pioneers

The following section comprises a combination of obituaries that have been summarised from the local paper (the Burra Record which was known as the Northern Mail from 1876 to 1878), plus some additional information taken from various sources.  Where available, the additional information includes the plot no, full name and whether or not there is a headstone.  Hopefully the combined information will make this a more useful resource for researchers. 

Whether or not you are interested in researching a particular pioneer, you will find that obituaries can be fascinating reading.  Some obituaries tell when people came to Burra and on what ship and how long ago etc.  Other obituaries reveal the social life of the time, such as the one which tells of the poor lady who was singeing a goose on Christmas Day and got burnt and died.

Take note however that the contents of the obituaries are not verified against other primary sources and it is not unusual for some "facts" as reported in the obituary to be incorrect.

A CD, Pioneers and Settlers Bound for SA 1836-1838 by Di Cummings, is available from Gould's.  The CD contains the most up to date passenger lists for this period, many portraits and headstone photos, plus scanned images of Ship Manifests/Embarkation documents and scanned images of the SA REGISTER newspapers for that timeframe.  This will be an invaluable reference for SA genealogists and historians.

Obituaries of Pioneers

Information in this column is from the South Australian Index of Births and Deaths and the Burra Burial Register

Date in  this column is the date the obituary was published in The Burra Record

Barker, William Pitt

Born 30 Jan. 1845

Died 17 Feb. 1914

Headstone on Plot 336

Burra Cemetery

25 Feb. 1914

Obituary.  William Pitt Barker of Baldina died on 17 February.  Mr Barker lived all his life in the district.  As a youth he spent some time in the Bank of Australasia in Kooringa before going to manage Baldina Station with his father.  He subsequently inherited the property.  He also was partner in Barker & McLean, owners of Nor’-West Bend Station at Morgan and had large interests in stations in Queensland (Cormornigan) and in NSW.  He was a member of the Burra District Council for over 25 years and was for a similar time on the Board of the Burra Hospital.  He was interested in sport and was one of the syndicate, which gave us the Aberdeen sports grounds.  He was also a generous supporter of St Mary’s church and a generous, but quiet philanthropist.  He was a brother of R.J. Barker of Barker Bros and of A.J. Barker (Mt Bryan) and Mrs H. Von Rieben (Payneham).  He leaves a widow, four daughters (including Mrs Hooper) and one son

Batchelor, William Henry

Died 25 August 1889

Headstone on Plot 234

Burra Cemetery

27 Aug. 1889

Obituary. W.H. Batchelor has died aged 59.  We understand he left Portsmouth, England 35 years ago and came to Burra where he worked at the mine as a painter etc.  After some time he began in business in Commercial St.

[He dealt in a wide range of articles: fancy goods, musical instruments, toys, dolls, books, stationery, brushware, paints, varnishes and paperhangings.]  He was an active member of the Masonic and Oddfellows Lodges and was for a time a Town Councillor.  He leaves a widow, two sons, one married daughter and two single daughters.

Batchelor, Elizabeth Franks

Died 3 March 1894

7 Mar. 1894

Obituary.  Mrs Batchelor died at Commercial St Kooringa last Saturday, aged 66.  She conducted business here for many years

Belcher, Joseph Moulden

13 January 1882

Obituary.  Mr Joseph Moulden Belcher, for many years post and telegraph master at Burra and who retired about a year ago, died 3 January in North Adelaide.  He had a stroke some time ago and just before his death suffered two more.  His eldest son is the post and telegraph master at Terowie.

Bennett, George

Died 14 March 1878

Headstone plot 13

Burra Cemetery

22 March 1878

Obituary. George Bennett, one of the oldest inhabitants of Burra who arrived in 1845. He was buried with full Masonic honours, being a member of Kooringa Lodge No. 585 E.C.

Bennett, Nicholas Dunstan

Died 20 Feb. 1915

24 Feb. 1915

Obituary.  Nicholas Dunstan Bennett died suddenly at Nailsworth on Saturday.  The deceased was born at Constantine, Norfolk in 1834 and arrived in Adelaide in January 1856 on the Marion after a voyage of 113 days.  He went to the Victorian diggings for five months before coming to work in the Burra Mine.  Later he opened a school at Black Springs and in 1859 took charge of the Government school at Redruth and in 1860 bought the goodwill of Mr Forder’s school.  Five years later he became clerk of Moonta Local Court and filled various Government positions for the next 27 years, retiring in 1892 to Nailsworth.  Four sons and one daughter survive: A.D. Bennett, Dr T.C. Bennett, Dr A.H. Bennett (Hampstead), C.E. Bennett (Adelaide) and Mrs Frank Wilkinson (Perth)

Bennetts, Mary nee Ellery

31 Jan. 1900

Obituary.  The wife of Mr James Bennetts has died at Broken Hill on 24 January, aged 58.  She was born near Austell, Cornwall, and migrated with her parents, Mr & Mrs E. Ellery, as a young child.  They settled in Burra, living for some time in a creek dugout.  In 1857 she married James Bennetts and they lived in Burra (except for a brief time at Wallaroo) till 1887, when they moved to Broken Hill.  She leaves a husband, four sons and one daughter: Harry, Thomas and Edward at Broken Hill and Alfred at Kooringa and Mrs A.B. Wood of Broken Hill.  She was for over 40 years a member of the Bible Christian Church.

Birt, William

Died 24 Feb. 1890

Headstone plot 192

Burra Cemetery

4 Mar. 1890

Obituary.  Mr William Birt of Hampton arrived in the colony in Sep. 1847 and came to Burra in October 1849 where he became foreman carpenter at the Burra Mine.  In the Victorian Goldrush of 1852 he went with the rest, but was not very successful and came back to his old job.  Later he worked at the old smelting works and at the Bon Accord Mine as well as working on his own account as a builder.  One of his last jobs was the large store occupied by James Tiver in Aberdeen.  He died in his 84th year

Blatchford, James

Died 10 Sept. 1901 in Adelaide

7 Aug. 1901

Obituary.  Former Bible Christian pioneer James Blachford, an old resident of the huts in the Burra Creek, has died and a memorial service was conducted by Rev. W.F. James at Redruth Methodist Church last Sunday.

James Blachford was born at Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, 2 December 1808 and began work at the age of 7 for 18d a month.  His mother died when he was 13, leaving a brother aged 9 and a sister aged 11.  The father left the children to care for themselves.  James eventually went to live at a public house and dancing and wrestling were his favourite pastimes.  At 24 he married Eliza Skinner.  He never went to school, but learned to read and write.  At 26 he converted to the Bible Christian Church at Tinhay in Devon.  A few years later he was widowed with two small boys and subsequently married Charity Jury who survives him.  He began to preach and soon a chapel to seat 200 was built.  Early in 1847 he spoke to James Torr, an uncle of Dr Torr of Way College and they decided to go to SA which was much talked of in England on account of the Burra Mine.  Torr went first and Blachford followed in May 1847.  He preached on the ship with revivalist fervour.  The ship arrived in September 1847.  His family shared a building with the Torr family for three months before starting out for Burra in a bullock dray: a journey that took six days.  They lived in a large room at the mine shared by many families for many weeks before Blachford dug a hut in the bank on the north side of Welsh Creek near the Smelting Works.  There were then some 4,000 in Burra and two churches: a Wesleyan and an Anglican.  The Primitive Methodists held services, but lacked a parson and a church.  Blachford met John Stephens whom he had known in England and they decided to hold prayer meetings at Stephen’s home near Redruth where it seems there were then no services.  Before this could happen Thomas & John Pelew, John Halse, and many other Bible Christians arrived from England.  Thomas Pellew was appointed Class Leader and 15 persons attended the first Sunday morning.  James Blachford preached his first sermon in the open air about 52 years ago.  John Halse, John Pellew and Blachford preached in turn.  After vainly trying to get land at Redruth and Aberdeen, a site near the present Kingston st Bridge was obtained from the mine Directors at a peppercorn rent.  After difficulties a church to seat 200 was built.  Mrs Blachford sewed the calico ceiling.  All bills were paid as due.  A Sunday school was established and a choir formed.  There were many conversions and 47 members.  All this was accomplished before the first two Bible Christian ministers arrived in December 1850.  They found a large congregation, a church worth £400 with a debt of only £30 that did not bear interest.  Rev. James Row settled in Burra and succeeded well till the Victorian gold rush which took almost all the men to the diggings.  James Blachford went twice, where he did well briefly and preached too.  On returning to Burra he was a butcher near the Primitive Methodist Church in Kooringa before moving to Upper Wakefield.  Here he slowly built a congregation and a church was built and a Sunday school conducted by him for over ten years.  From Wakefield he moved to Watervale and kept a store where he gave good service to the church and contributions to the circuit rose from £20 to £80 p.a.  23 years ago he went to Adelaide and stayed there the rest of his life.  In his 86th year he would preach three times a Sunday, walking to his appointments.  He continued to attend Class Meetings in Gilbert St after his 92nd birthday.  His son Henry was his sole support and he died tragically in January.  James Blachford died on 10 September in his 93rd year

BUILDER, William

Born 1830 in Upton, Bitton, England

Died 1878 in Burra

Information provided by descendant - Philip Builder

William Builder died in 1878 in Burra having just sold his Hardware store to CC Williams.  William was born in 1830 in Upton, Bitton, England and came to Adelaide on the Mariner, in 1854.  He married Anneta Shortridge in Burra in 1865, (daughter of Thomas Shortridge who came to Burra from Buenos Aires as an interpreter for the spanish muleteers) and they had Elizabeth, Annie, Alfred, and Tom.  It is unclear when he arrived in Kooringa but he is listed as an ironmonger on the passenger list. Their son Tom married Jessie Killicoat, daughter of Philip Lander Killicoat and grand daughter of Isaac.

In the book Burra and District by Ian Auld, Photo 38 shows CC Williams in front of the hardware store that he had taken over from William Builder.

Cave, Dr.

10 February 1882

Obituary.  Dr Cave, late of Burra, died at Brompton on Saturday only a few weeks after his wife’s death.

Cave, John Darby

Died 20 Nov. 1899

Redruth, Burra

Headstone plot 83

Burra Cemetery

25 Oct. 1899

Obituary.  After a short illness of about one week John D. Cave, aged 77, has died at his residence, Victoria Park. [sic]  He was a resident for almost 30 years and a prominent townsman.  He was interested in the Institute, was active in the early years of the first Agricultural Society [i.e. Show Society] and in the Anglican Church.  He was Secretary of the Burra Hospital from its inception and clerk of the Burra and Hanson District Councils for many years.  As a JP he was respected for impartiality and he took an interest in sports in the area.  He was auditor of the Town Council and Secretary of the National Defence League.  The funeral on Saturday was largely attended.  He leaves one son, H.F. Cave (Manager of the National Bank, North Adelaide) and four daughters: Mrs P.L. Killicoat (Abberton Park), Mrs A. Butterworth (Adelaide) and the Misses F. & E. Cave of Victoria Park. [sic]

[In this item Victoria Park should read Victoria Place.]

Coglin, Francis William

Headstone plot 450

Burra Cemetery

14 Jan. 1887

Obituary.  F.W. Coglin JP died on 11 January aged 68.  He was a widower and one of the citizens of longest residence.  For a long time he was the Crown Lands Ranger and on retiring he left briefly, but on returning became Councillor for West Ward and was on the Burra hospital Board and the Committee of the Burra Institute.  His brother, P.B. Coglin MP, is Mayor of Hindmarsh.

Dare, William

11 May 1892

Obituary.  William Dare, late of Piltmitiappa Station died on 4 May at Walltellawerlinga.  He was aged 68 and was a colonist of 55 years, having arrived in the Royal Admiral.

Dashwood, Dr. William Henry

Died aged 44

One of the doctor’s during the mining era

28 April 1882

Obituary.  On 27 April, at Government Gums [Farina], Dr Dashwood, formerly of Burra.  (This follows soon after the deaths of Dr and Mrs Cave, late of Burra.)

Davey, William

Headstone plot 1944

Burra Cemetery

24 Mar. 1915

Obituary.  William Davey died on 22 March of pleurisy and bronchitis.  He had lived in Burra over 60 years.  He was born in the parish of Stithians, Cornwall, in 1828 and was aged 86.  He came to SA in the Omega in 1851.  He walked to Burra and got work as a miner and later as a storekeeper on the mine.  Later still he was District Council Clerk until he was 80 and Secretary of the Oddfellows Lodge.  For 22½ years he was caretaker and librarian at the Institute.  He was an ardent Bible Christian and after union a trustee of the Methodist Church.  Mrs Davey died 10 years ago.  He is survived by Mrs E. Statton (Hallett), Mrs E.L. Davey (Burra), Messrs S.H. Davey (Wallaroo), William (Petersburg), Jos. (Croydon), Alfred (North Adelaide), Samuel & Milton (NSW), A.S. and E.J. (Burra).

There are 49 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Dawson, Henry

Died 8 Feb. 1883 in the Gulf St. Vincent

16 February 1883

Obituary.  Henry Dawson JP has been drowned in a yachting accident.  A party of gentlemen had gone on a sealing expedition in the yacht Haidee to Pt Lincoln, Neptune Is and Sir Joseph Banks Island.  The yacht was struck by an unexpected wave which washed Messrs King and Dawson overboard.  The boat could not be turned around to attempt to rescue them, but in any event their heavy clothing made survival in the water impossible.  Mr King was the father of Thomas King MP (Mayor of Glenelg) and of Mr William King.  He arrived in SA in 1852.

Mr Dawson was formerly in business in Burra and his departure from the town was the occasion of a farewell banquet.  He took up squatting near Mt Bryan before retiring to Parkside.  He leaves a large family well provided for.  So far the bodies have not been found.

Dew, James

Plot 1276 no headstone

Burra Cemetery

10 Feb. 1892

Obituary.  James Dew, husband of Fanny Dew, died on 3 February at Springbank, aged 61.  He arrived in the Merrion in 1851.  [Page 3 adds that he was a farmer at Springbank for many years and was well and favourably known.]

Diplock, Grace

Wife of Ephraim Diplock

Headstone plot 366

Burra Cemetery

26 Mar. 1889

Obituary.  Grace Diplock was given a funeral service at Westbury Church last Sunday.  She was born Grace Kisell at Frogpool, Cornwall on 15 August 1827.  In May 1851 she left for Australia under the guardianship of her sister and she reached Adelaide on 6 September.  They came to Kooringa and she married Mr Diplock on 31 January 1852.  She then accompanied her husband to the Victorian goldfields.  In 1862 the family went to Copperhouse.  She was taken ill on Sunday 30 December and died on the 3 December.  [There is no explanation for this long delayed service.]

Drake, Maria

Died 25 Dec.1901

Husband Henry James Drake

Headstone plot 61

Burra Cemetery

2 Jan. 1901

Obituary.  Mrs Drake, widow of the late H.J. Drake, was singeing a goose about 11 a.m. when her dress caught fire.  Her daughter managed to extinguish the flames by wrapping her in the covering from the sofa, but the burns resulted in her death about 3.20 p.m.  She apparently ran about the room when the accident occurred because the curtains on the safe and cupboards, carpet, tablecloth, a mangle and a loaf of bread were also burnt or damaged.  It is amazing the house was saved.  Mrs Drake was a resident for 44 years, arriving in SA in 1850 and in 1857 marrying Mr Drake at St Luke’s Adelaide.  They then came to Burra where Mr Drake died in 1871 at the age of 39.  Mrs Drake then kept a boarding house.  She leaves two sons, Francis Henry (married) Mayor of Port Wakefield and Robert.  There is also a daughter, Emily.

Duell, Thomas

Died 22 Jan.1884 at Worlds End

Headstone plot 514

Burra Cemetery

25 Jan. 1884

Obituary.  T. Duell of World’s End died on Tuesday last.  He was a colonist of c. 46 years.

East, Mary

Died 8 July 1891 aged 77 at Hampton

Husband Samuel

No headstone plot 1376

Burra Cemetery

15 July 1891

Obituary.  Mrs East, the oldest resident in Burra died on Wednesday.

[This terminology usually means the person resident in the town longest, rather than the longest lived person.]

Eichler, Henrietta

Died 12 April 1900 at Redruth

No headstone plot 2059

Burra Cemetery

18 Apr. 1900

Obituary.  Mrs Henrietta Eichler, mother-in-law of the Town Clerk, Mr A. Bartholomæus has died aged 88 years 7 months.  She fractured her hip 11 weeks ago and never recovered.  She left Clausthal, Germany, in late 1851 and arrived in SA in January 1852 and proceeded to Burra where her husband gained work in the mine.  When the Victorian gold rush was on Mr Eichler went there for three years and on returning worked at the mine as a timberman until the mine closed.  Mr Eichler died 11 years ago.  She is survived by four sons and two daughters as well as 34 grandchildren and about 50 great-grandchildren.  Rev. W.H. Rofe officiated at the funeral

Fairchild, Thomas

Born 24 Aug. 1837 Devon, England

Died 28 Jan.1904

No Headstone plot 1891

Burra Cemetery

3 Feb. 1904

Obituary.  Thomas Fairchild, aged 65, died suddenly on Thursday afternoon.  He had been long in the district, farming at Buckland Hills for 30 years.  He leaves four daughters: Mrs James Scott of Iron Mine, Mrs Stephen Grey of Hindmarsh, and the Misses Florence and Jane at home.  There are five sons: Albert T. of Booborowie, Walter J. of Gulnare Station, and William, Francis and Robert at home.

The large funeral cortege extended from the corner of Ayer St to Market Square.

Fitzgerald, Edward

Died 12 June 1894 at Kooringa

Headstone plot 1980

Burra Cemetery

20 June 1894

Obituary.  Edward Fitzgerald’s funeral left his home on Thursday for St Joseph’s at 2.30 p.m.  He was a resident of 40 years, having worked in the Burra Mines and at the Smelting Works.  He was constant in his church attendance and leaves four sons: John, Thomas, Edward and William and three daughters, Mrs G. Dawes (North Adelaide), Mrs E.J. Bradley (Adelaide) and Miss Ellen who lives with her mother.

Fitzgerald, E.

13 June 1894

Obituary.  Mr E. Fitzgerald dropped dead while working on the road in Chapel St on Tuesday morning.  He was 61 and leaves a wife and grown up family.

Foy, Sarah

Died 24 Nov. 1893

No Headstone plot 513

Burra Cemetery

29 Nov. 1893

Obituary.  Sarah Foy died last Friday following the accident with the ballast train on 7 November.  There was an inquest Saturday and the funeral that afternoon.  She had been a resident for 45 years and has seven daughters and two sons.

Johanne Christina Friedericke

Died 3 Nov.1902

Headstone plot 19063

Burra Cemetery

12 Nov. 1902

Obituary.  Mrs [H.C.W.] Fuss, aged 85, and a resident of Burra for over 50 years, has died, leaving 1 daughter, Mrs Greenwood (Umberalana) and six sons, Herman (Moonta), Albert (Orroroo), Frederick (Broken Hill), William (Goodwood) and Charles & August (Burra).

Gebhardt, Ferdinand

Headstone plot 348

Burra Cemetery

5 Sep. 1890

Obituary.  F. Gebhardt Sen. of Thames St died on Tuesday evening last after an illness of over four years.  He was one of the town’s earliest residents and for many years a baker

12 Sep. 1890

Obituary.  Ferdinand Gebhardt Sen. aged 55, baker, died on 2 September after a long and painful illness.

Gebhardt, Gustav Adolph

21 Mar. 1900

Obituary.  G.A. Gebhardt died on Friday [16 March].  He was born at Duderstadt, Hanover, Germany in 1833 and arrived in SA in the Ohio in 1858.  He proceeded to Burra and took up butchering before turning to pastoralism.  He bought Mt Cone from the Crown ……….He purchased Markaranko Station, a lease on the Murray, which he held for 19 years.  He worked very hard improving his properties and fighting vermin and other odds, like bad seasons.  He added to Mt Cone by purchasing land from Mr Lewis in 1871 (Wildotta), where he built his residence of Mackerode.  On retiring he went to live in Glenelg.  At one time he had the best flock of Lincolns in the colony, but the run was later restocked with Merinos.  He recently acquired both Pareora and Corryton Park.  In 1875 he and his family took a twelve month trip to Germany.  He leaves a widow and seven children: Messrs Charles E., L.W., & A. Gebhardt of Mackerode and A.G. of Pareora (Pt Wakefield).  He also leaves two brothers and sisters.

He was, in retirement, a member of the Lutheran Church in Flinders St, Adelaide.

Giles, Robert

Died 22 June 1894

Headstone plot 302

Burra Cemetery

27 June 1894

Obituary.  Robert Giles has died from apoplexy at Redruth at the age of 60.  He was born at Vetna, Isle of Wight in 1834 and arrived in SA as 3rd mate on the Star Queen.  After a few months he came to Burra in 1855 and farmed at Leighton for 11 years.  For the past 20 years he has been a local preacher in the Redruth Wesleyan Church.  For five years he was 1st Chairman of the Booborowie DC.  He was then clerk for 17 years.  His father was the Rev. Edward Giles.  He leaves two living sister, but two brothers are dead.  He is survived by a wife and grown up family of six daughters and five sons.  The funeral produced one of the longest processions seen in the town for many years.  Rev. D.S. Wylie officiated

Gubbins, Elizabeth Williams

Headstone plot 182

Burra Cemetery

12 Dec. 1900

Obituary.  Mrs Elizabeth W. Gubbins, of Thames St, Kooringa, died on 8 December.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Sophia Torr and was born in Tavistock, England on 5 November 1810.  She married there in 1831 and migrated to Adelaide in 1854, coming to Burra a few weeks later.  Mr Gubbins worked the mine and met with a fatal accident there on 13 August 1866.  She was the oldest resident lady in Burra.  The late John Torr of Redruth and James Torr of Mintaro were her brothers.  She leaves two daughters: Mrs W.H. Turner of Brompton and Mrs J.T. Pryor of Broken Hill and one son, Mr James Gubbins of Broken Hill.  Alderman J. Gubbins of Broken Hill has spent a few days in Burra owing to his mother’s death and has met a number of old friends.  His conversation was versatile, intelligent and edifying.  There are 24 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.  Rev. W.G. Clarke officiated at the grave with a memorial service in the evening at the Methodist Church.  The deceased had been a member of the Bible Christian church for many years

Harris, Alex

Headstone plot 1945

Burra Cemetery

1 Jan. 1902

Obituary.  Alex. Harris died on 25 December 1901, aged 62.  He was born in the parish of Kenwyn near Truro in Wales in June 1840.  In March 1849 he left England for SA, arriving in Adelaide on 1 June 1849.  The family then proceeded to Burra.  He worked in the Burra Mine for several years, but when the Wallaroo Mines opened he went to Kadina and opened a store as a produce merchant.  Later he returned to Burra and traded as a storekeeper and a wood and chaff merchant.  He was Chairman of the Burra School Board of Advice, a Councillor for the Burra Corporation and one of the town’s JPs.  He was an energetic worker for the church, being a superintendent of the Kooringa Methodist Sunday School.  He was elected Mayor, unopposed on 1 December 1901, but was taken ill before being sworn in and did not preside at any meetings.  He was a members of Kooringa Lodge of Freemasons and had just completed a term as W.M.  For about 30 years he had been a member of the Kadina Lodge MUIOOF.  The funeral on Thursday was very largely attended.  He leaves a wife, one son and one daughter.

Harris, Ambrose

Died 23 May 1901

Headstone plot 60

Burra Cemetery

29 May 1901

Obituary.  Ambrose Harris has died.  He was born 1 Dec. 1826 in the parish of St Nest, Cornwall and arrived in SA in the Sultana on 8 Aug. 1854.  He worked in the Burra Mine and helped to build Schneider’s Engine House.  In Feb. 1853 he went to the Victorian diggings and remained for 12 months.  He returned to Adelaide and worked as a stonemason, returning to Burra in 1856 and worked again at the mine until 1867 after which he worked on various Government contracts until 1885.  He then joined with Mr James Launder and worked around Burra till 1895, since when he has not been able to do heavy work.  A severe coach accident in 1872 broke his leg and gave him other serious injuries which have affected him ever since.  He resided in Kooringa for upwards of 45 years and celebrated his golden wedding on 24 April 1901.  He leaves a widow and one son, B.G. Harris of Kalgoorlie, and four daughters: Mrs R.H. Steele, Mrs Charles Parks, Miss E.J. Harris of Kooringa and 11 grandchildren.  He was a member of the Burra Lodge MUIOOF since 1859 and also of the Wesleyan Church.

Hicks, Henry

Headstone plot 1411

Burra Cemetery

6 July 1892

Obituary.  Henry Hicks, one of the oldest residents of Burra died on 28 June.  He arrived in Burra about 36 years ago from the old country.  He found work in the mine and erected a two-roomed house in The Paddock.  These two rooms were described as the prettiest in SA.  His wife died there about 20 years ago.  When the first suspension of work in the mine took place he began to ramble.  He tried the southern mine for a while and then went to Sydney, but soon returned to Burra and until a fortnight before his death supplied residents with tea.  He has one son in NSW.

Holden, Mary Elizabeth

22 Apr. 1914

Obituary.  Mary Elizabeth Holden die at the Alexander Nursing Home, Norwood on 17 April, aged 76.  She was the widow of the late Alexander Holden and a former matron of the Redruth Girls’ Reformatory.  She had been born in London and migrated to Australia in 1850.  She and her husband were founder members of the Flinders St Baptist Church.  Mr Holden died c. 20 years ago.  She left three sons and three daughters:

Messrs H.J. (Norwood), H.W. (Sydney), Colin (WA), and Mesdames H.J. Preston (of Selangor, Malay Free States), G. Gibbs (WA)

Hutchens (HUTCHINS), John

John HITCHINGS, wife and 4 children sailed on the Aboukir, a new three masted barque of 816 tons which was chartered to return to Britain with copper ore from the Burra mines. The ship departed London on 20 May 1847, and Plymouth on 1 Jun 1847 with 302 immigrants. John HITCHINGS (HUTCHINS) was one of the 30 Cornish miners aboard who had come to work in the copper mines. Friends and relatives from the western coast of Cornwall were among the fellow passengers. After a passage of 95 days the Aboukir arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on Saturday 4 Sep 1847.

The shipping list for the Aboukir from the South Australian Register, 8 Sep 1847 was transcribed on a website which is no longer current. Aboukir Shipping List London to Port Adelaide 20 May - 4 Sep 1847

Upon leaving the ship at Port Adelaide the family would have made the 8 mile trek to Adelaide, then north for 100 miles to the copper mine. Twenty-nine parents are listed on a petition sent in 1849 to the Colonial Secretary for a subsidy for a teacher for the Kooringa school. (Kooringa was an early name for Burra.) Many of the names are easily recognised as Cornish. Among them is John HUTCHINS, Burra Creek, 3 school age children. The petition is reproduced on page 264 of Ian Auhl's book, The story of the Monster Mine - The Burra Burra mine and its townships 1845-1877, Investigator Press, Adelaide, 1986. See 1849 Petition

By mid 1851 the copper mining settlements north of Adelaide at Burra Burra and Kapunda formed the largest inland settlement on the Australian continent but after gold was discovered in August 1851 there was an exodus to the goldfields of central Victoria. Catherine's death certificate confirms that the the family spent about 7 years in South Australia before moving to the Creswick area of Victoria, most likely, early in 1854. Two of their daughters, Mary and Rosetta HUTCHENS were married at the Kooringa Church on 29 Mar 1852 and 27 Dec 1853 respectively.

Reproduced from

Hutchins, Thomas

Headstone plot 1489

Burra Cemetery

14 Feb. 1900

Obituary.  Thomas Hutchins, aged 85, died at his Aberdeen residence on 9 February.  His wife, aged 79, died last June.  He was born in England in 1815 and arrived in SA in the early days of the colony and settled at Bungaree and later at Iron Mine as a farmer for 13 years before coming to Aberdeen.  He became a member of the Primitive Methodist Church in 1835 and was a local preacher and circuit treasurer.  He leaves six adult daughters.

Hutson, John

Headstone plot 477

Burra Cemetery

5 May 1897

Obituary.  Mr John Hutson died in Thames St Kooringa last Wednesday 28 April.  He was a resident of over 40 years.  For some time he was a wheelwright in the town.. He was aged 84 and leaves three sons and two daughters.

Jordon, George Wilmer

Headstone plot 1971

Burra Cemetery

11 July 1900

Obituary.  George Wilmer Jordan, aged 63, husband of Ann Jordan, died on 7 July at Kooringa.

He arrived in the colony on 16 January 1854 from London on the Corromandel, aged 18 and came to Burra in 1855.  He was resident here for 45 years.  He contracted cancer of the cheek.  He was a member of Loyal Aberdeen Lodge for over 28 years.  The funeral was led by the Salvation Army in funeral regalia followed by members of the Aberdeen and Kooringa Oddfellows Lodges in regalia.  The funeral service at the mortuary chapel was led by Captain Deeble.  He leaves a wife and two sons: George and Harry (WA) and one daughter, Mrs Ivett (Cheltenham).

Kellaway, Keziah

Died 17 Aug.1900

Aged 70 years

Headstone plot 2013

Burra Cemetery

22 Aug. 1900

Obituary.  The wife of Mr W. Kellaway died on Thursday, aged 70.  The couple arrived at Port Adelaide 19 August 1854 on the William Price and went straight to Burra where they have lived for 46 years.  Mr Kellaway has been an invalid for several years and is aged c. 74.  There are five sons and one daughter living.

Killicoat, Isaac

Died 18 Jan 1886

Headstone plot 176

Burra Cemetery

22 Jan. 1886

Obituary.  Isaac Killicoat was buried yesterday.  He was born in Perranwell, a village in Cornwall 5 miles south of Truro on 3 December 1809.  As a youth he went into mining and attended night classes for an education.  At 19 he became a superintendent of operations employing 500 hands.  For 19 years before migrating to SA he was Surface Captain to the Tresavean Copper Mine, Gwennays, Cornwall, one of the oldest and largest copper mines in England and the second in the world to introduce a ‘man engine’: i.e. a lift to lower miners into the depths of the mine.  This whole time he walked 5 miles ‘back and forth’ as the Cornish say, or 10 miles a day.

In 1848 he was engaged by John Schneider & Co., later the Patent Copper Co., to come to Burra and superintend the purchase of ore from the SAMA and others on behalf of the Smelting Co.  This he did till the mine closed.  He also bought land and grew wheat and hay.  More recently he bought Abberton Park, named after the vessel he came in, and devoted himself to sheep.  He also used irrigation there to grow fruit trees, especially oranges and lemons.

He was active in public life and greatly encouraged the completion of the Burra railway.  He stood for the Legislative Council once when the whole colony was a single constituency, but was not elected.  He was appointed a member of the first Burra District Council and elected chairman thereof.  He was also elected a member of the Midland Road Board: an office he held until his death.

He did much to establish the district’s roads and bridges.  On mining matters he was a consultant, making two trips to New Caledonia to confer on the Ballade Copper Mine and also to Cobar Mines in NSW as well as to mines in New Zealand and was consulted by the owners of the mines on Yorke’s Peninsula.

He was a member of the Church of England and a trustee of St Mary’s, Burra.  Thrice married, his third wife survives him.  His eldest son has been dead for some years, but he is survived by two sons, three daughters and 22 grandchildren.

Kreissel, Rev. Father Aloysius

29 Aug 1888

31 August 1888

Obituary.  Rev. Father A. Kriessl died last Wednesday at Seven Hills College.  He had a stroke some three weeks ago.  He was pastor of St Joseph’s in Burra for seven years, during which time he saw the completion of the new St Joseph’s church, the schoolroom and the residence of the Sisters of St Joseph.  He won the respect of other denominations by his genial and courteous manners and the interest he took in good and charitable work.

Lane, Mary Ann

28 Feb. 1900

Obituary.  Mrs Mary Ann Lane was a colonist of 50 years, having arrived with her husband and four children in October of 1849.  They settled in North Adelaide.  Soon her husband and two eldest boys went to the Victorian gold rush where her husband caught cold and died in the Geelong Hospital.  A few years later she lost first the second and then the eldest son, since when she has lived with her youngest son, the Kooringa postmaster, John Lane.  She came from Hereford.  In the UK she was a member of the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connection, but that not being represented here, she became a Wesleyan.  She died from jaundice following influenza contracted a few months since.  She died at Glenelg on 18 February, aged 84 years 10 months.

Langsford, Benjamin Franklin

Died 5 Oct 1899

11 Oct. 1899

Obituary.  Mr Benjamin Franklin Langsford, who conducted the Record in Mr Holder’s time and wrote articles on the City of Big-Big which appeared in the Burra Record some years ago, died in Adelaide last week through taking a dose of chlorodyne.  He could speak eight languages fluently and was of a moderate and sober character, but allowed his mind to dwell on petty grievances so that at times he lost control of himself.

Lawn, Henry

Headstone plot 2628

Burra Cemetery

9 June 1915

Obituary.  Henry Lawn died 3 June aged 78.  He was born at Gwenip, Cornwall, in 1837 and arrived by the Phoebe when 9 years old.  He came straight to work as a lad at the Burra Mine.  He worked around the district till taking a farm near Robertstown for some years and then took land at Baldina where he has lived since.  He leaves a widow, 3 sons and 6 daughters: Messrs H.B., A., and G. Lawn (Kooringa), Mrs S. Broad (Bright), Mrs James Phillips (Booborowie), Mrs W. Rogers (Broken Hill), Mrs James Gemmell (Adelaide), Mrs R.P. James (Broken Hill), Mrs W.B. James (Baldina) and 38 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild.  His youngest brother James is now the last of a family of 7 and lives at Prospect.

Lewis, Mrs John

Died 3 July 1894

Headstone plot 1894

Burra Cemetery

4 July 1894

Obituary.  Mrs John Lewis died at her residence in Kooringa after a long illness, aged 47. She was born in London in 1847, the youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Brook, Supervisor of Excise, Bristol.  She was a sister of the late James Brook of Way & Brook, Solicitors of Adelaide.  She sailed for SA when aged 6 and landed at Pt Adelaide in December 1853 from the ship Cotfield.  In 1877 she married John Lewis and came to live in Burra.  As a mark of respect shutters were put up on shop windows of every store in town when the news became known.  She was a generous and tireless worker for those in need.  On 12 July 1893 she laid the foundation stone for St Mary’s schoolroom.  She leaves a husband, four sons and two daughters.  There is a special service at 2 p.m. today and a procession to the cemetery.

Linkson, George William

Headstone plot 516

Burra Cemetery

8 July 1884

Obituary.  George William Linkson died on 7 July at his residence in Redruth, aged 54, leaving a wife and six children.  He was a colonist of 39 years

Lockyer, E.C.

Headstone plot 516

Burra Cemetery

6 June 1900

Obituary.  E.C. Lockyer, for several years past the managing director of the Unicorn Brewery and a resident of 21 years has died. He was a town councillor 1878-9 and Mayor [December 1881 to November 1883].  Joined the Burra Hospital Board in 1881 and was Chairman 1885-87.  In 1894 he became a District Councillor for Burra and from 1895 was Chairman of Burra District Council. In 1882 he was elected to the Institute Committee and was Chairman in 1884.  He was appointed a JP in 1881.  He was born at Brighton, SA and was 61 last February.  His wife died about 20 years ago and he is survived by four sons and one daughter.  Rev. W.G. Murphy officiated at the graveside. In Burra shops closed from 1 to 2.30 p.m. out of respect, on Tuesday, the day of the funeral.

Mackeney, Thomas

14 June 1899

Obituary.  Mr Thomas Mackeney, a resident of Burra for many years, died on 7 June at Boulder City WA, aged 65.  He was an old Burra miner and when the mines closed he unsuccessfully tried farming near Gawler and then goldmining in Victoria and for the last two years was mining at Boulder City, WA.  He was a member of the Burra Oddfellows Lodge for 35 years.

McCulloch, Alexander

Died 17 Oct 1890

Headstone plot 16

Burra Cemetery

17 Oct. 1890

Obituary.  Mr A. McCulloch Sen. of Princess Royal Estate, died yesterday at his residence in Glenelg.  An advertisement advises that his body will arrive by the midday train on Saturday for burial at the Kooringa cemetery

21 Oct. 1890, page 3

Obituary.  A. McCulloch Sen. died in Glenelg last Wednesday at 80 and was buried on Saturday at Kooringa.  He was well respected in his early days in the district for his charitable work.  He came to SA in the Oriana in 1836 [NOTE: CD entry below corrects this information] with Messrs J. Reed, Stephen King, Stubbs, and Henry Dundas Murray.  He bought 200 sheep from Murray to whom he acted as shepherd, the two flocks being depastured together.  He took a run on the Gilbert where he bought land.  Soon after he took up land from James Logan at Gottlieb’s Well (near Terowie) and later extended it to Nackara.  Here he was renowned for his hospitality with sometimes 20 visitors at a time.  In 1865 he took up Princess Royal and lived there until about a year ago.  Glenelg was his summer residence and he spent all last year there.  In 1870 he bought Yongala Station.  Generally he was very retiring and his only public office was as Member of the House of Assembly in 1861.  His son-in-law is Mr Justice Boucaut.  He was very liberal to the Anglican Church and at Christmastime to the poor.  His failing health saw him succumb to a second attack of asthma.  He leaves two sons, Duncan & Aleck, and three daughters, Mrs J.P. Boucaut, Mrs Fielder King and Miss McCulloch.  One son, John, died about three years ago.  There are a number of grandchildren.

29 December 1876

Christmas: For last five years Mr A McCulloch of the Princess Royal has made a practice of supplying meat and rations to all poor families so as to enable them to pass Christmas comfortably and happily 55 families participated this year - including some of the new arrivals.

The allowance per family was 1/4 sheep, 3lbs sugar, 21b currants, 21b raisins, loz spice, 81b potatoes, 121b flour, 4 lb bread and a bottle of English Ale (doubled if family > 5 persons). A total of 3,7001b distributed (excluding the liquor)

The following has been taken from Di Cummings' latest CD - Bound for South Australia 1836-1851.

The following arrived Adelaide January 15th-23th 1839 on ORLEANA departing Liverpool on October 5th, 1838:

MURRAY, Henry Dundas - cabin/intermediate. Went to NZ, returned to SA Dec 11,1839 on Adelaide.

REID, John from Rostrevor, IRL - cabin/intermediate

KING, Stephen - cabin/intermediate

McCULLOCH, Alexander 28,   Applic.2978,Embark.1702 Adult=1M and 1F;  Charlinlain

JOHNSTON Henry - cabin/intermediate


Henry Dundas MURRAY, youngest son of Sir Patrick Murray [42nd Highlanders] of Ochtertyre, Perthshire, together with John Reid, and ten others acted on Light's recommendation and applied for a Special Survey of 4000 acres.

H.D. Murray immediately purchased 2,422 acres at £1 per acre of the 4,000 acre Gawler Special Survey No.2, plus 516 acres [Section 23, Hd. Barossa].

John REID of Newry, Ireland, a fellow passenger, also purchased 1578 acres prior to his departing for South Australia.

Stephen KING, a fellow passenger, purchased 500 acres for Kingsford.

H D Murray's shepherd, Alexander McCULLOCH, also on the voyage, purchased 500 acres

Also part of this syndicate of 12 was Henry JOHNSTONE who purchased land in this district.

McKay, David

8 Oct. 1886

Obituary.  Mr David Mackay, an old resident who formerly carried on a business as a tinsmith and ironmonger in the premises now occupied by Mr Kitchen, died from syncope on 23 September, aged 60.  The death occurred in Portland, Victoria, where he had lived after returning to Australia from a visit to Scotland.  [Syncope is heart failure.]

McLagan, George Remington

No headstone plot 534

Burra Cemetery

8 Apr. 1891

Obituary.  George Remington McLagan, eldest son of Thomas McLagan of Perthshire, Scotland died 3 April at Bleak House of paralysis, aged 71.

8 Apr. 1891

Obituary.  Mr G.F. McLagan [Should be G.R.] was the son of Dr McLagan of Perth, Scotland, but was born in Jamaica where his grandfather was a wealthy planter and slave owner, leaving at death an estate of £260,000.  He was also related to Dr McLagan, Bishop of Lichfield.  Trained as an architect, Mr McLagan followed his profession in Melbourne, retiring with some £8,000, but this was subsequently lost in sheep farming in Victoria on the Murray River.  Here he had an accident, which crippled him for life.  He came to Burra about 12 years ago.  Rev. H. Howitt saw a photograph of a beautiful [church?] he had designed at Warnambool and asked him to draw the plans for St Mary’s.  When they were accepted he came to Burra to superintend the building of the erection in 1879.  He also planned and superintended the building of the handsome home of Mr Hiles of Catarpoo.  He was 71 and leaves a widow and one son

Architect for Bank of Australasia, Kooringa, St Mary’s Church, Kooringa and the residence of H. Rabbich, Aberdeen

McWaters, James

Born 21 April 1842 Adelaide

Died 2 April 1914

Headstone Plot 1933

Burra Cemetery

8 Apr. 1914

Obituary.  Mr James McWaters of Leighton, aged 72.  He was born at Mintaro, but lived for the past 40 years at Leighton.  He has been in the Burra Hospital for five months with Bright’s disease.  [A kidney disease.]  He was a trustee of the old Leighton Church, now demolished.  He leaves 4 sons: Henry (Renmark), George & Arthur (WA), Bert. (Leighton) and three daughters, Mrs Crawford (Broken Hill), Mrs A. McDonald & Mrs R. Fairchild (Leighton).  His wife died some years ago.

Morriss, George

Died 9 Sept 1890

Headstone Plot 146

Burra Cemetery

12 Sep. 1890

Obituary.  George Morriss, aged 69, husband of Elizabeth has died.  He was a colonist of 51 years and a resident of Burra for 44 years.

Motley, Arthur

Died 13 March 1889 Aberdeen, Burra SA

No headstone Plot 329

Burra Cemetery

19 Mar. 1889

Obituary.  Arthur Motley has died.  Many years ago he was sent from England to take charge of the English & Australian Copper Co. Smelting Works after which he retired.  He died on Friday 15 March after a short illness, leaving a grown-up family.

Müller, Carl August

No headstone Plot 1369

Burra Cemetery

7 June 1893

Obituary.  The late Carl August Müller was formerly an employee of the mine, known as Watchman Müller.  He migrated from Germany in 1854

Nesbitt, William Peel

16 May 1894

Obituary.  Dr William Peel Nesbitt died at Salisbury on 12 May, aged 44.  He was the son of Dr Pearce R. Nesbitt and was born at Northampton on 3 June 1849.  He was educated at Bruce castle near London, Guy’s Hospital and Edinburgh University, during which time the disease which has now claimed him first appeared.  He was a Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery.  He visited South Africa, America and New Zealand before coming to Burra in 1875 and stayed here five years.  In his time here he was a Warden of St Mary’s, President of the Institute, Member of the School Board of Advice and Mayor for a year.  With Dr Brummitt he worked to establish the Burra Hospital and was one of its first two medical officers.  He left Burra in 1880 for a North Adelaide practice and was given an address and silver plate in appreciation when he left.  He was an Honorary Medical Officer at the Children’s Hospital and for a time a Resident Medical Officer there.  He later became Medical Officer for Yatala Labour Prison, but had to retire due to illness 6-8 months ago.  For the last 18-19 years he lived with his sister, Miss Nesbitt.

O’Leary, Margaret

Died 17 April 1902

Headstone Plot 2056

Burra Cemetery

23 Apr. 1902

Obituary.  Mrs Margaret O’ Leary, wife of John O’Leary Sen. died aged 78.  With her husband, who is an invalid, she arrived in Burra at the end of 1855.  Rev. Father Reddan officiated at St Joseph’s and the cemetery.  She leaves five sons and two daughters and one daughter-in-law: all resident in Burra.

Oliver, Joanna

No headstone Plot 339

Burra Cemetery

5 Aug. 1890

Obituary.  Joanna Oliver, widow of William Oliver died at her residence in Copperhouse on 1 August, aged 86.  She was a colonist of 41 years and mother of Ellen Saunders [Sanders] of Copperhouse and Elizabeth O’Brien of Broken Hill.

Opperman, Carl

Died 4 July 1901

Headstone Plot 630

Burra Cemetery

10 July 1901

Obituary.  Mr Carl Oppermann of Llwchyr died on Thursday aged 74.

He arrived in Burra in 1854 by the ship Johann Caesar.  He was born at Claustal in the Hartz Mountains, Hanover on 21 June 1827.  He worked for some time at the Burra Mine and also for the Main Roads Board and most recently with the Burra District Council.  He was much respected for his straightforwardness and integrity.  He was a keen floriculturalist, winning many prizes at the local flower shows.  He also grew many kinds of fruit.

He was known to all as Charlie Oppermann.

Married in St Mary’s on 21 May 1855 by Rev. J.H. Ibbetson and had ten children.

Survived by 3 daughters and 4 sons:

Mrs G. Dow (Burra), Mrs Topperwein (Parkside).  Of the sons only Mr W. Oppermann is married and lives in Burra.  Mr M. Oppermann of Wolloway is a brother of the deceased.  He joined the Burra Burra Lodge 43 years ago.

Peak, John

Died 6 Jan 1899

Headstone Plot 1989

Burra Cemetery

11 Jan. 1899

Obituary.  John Peak Sen. died aged 65.  He was born at St Just, Cornwall on 5 Apr 1833 and migrated to Melbourne briefly before coming to SA to see friends.  He butchered here for three months before returning to Melbourne and the gold fields where he was fairly successful.  He met Miss Jane Cocks and married her on 6 October 1856 at Fryer’s Creek, Victoria.  They came to SA in 1860 and settled at Cross Roads near Burra where he has resided ever since.  He carried on the Cross Roads Hotel for 25 years before closing it and then took on farming about seven years ago when failing health forced him to retire.  [Check the punctuation here!] His health has been failing ever since and he died at 8 o’clock Friday morning. [6 January]  He leaves a wife, four sons, John, Thomas, James and William, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Jane and Mary and one grandchild.  John, the eldest is married and lives at Hanson.

Pearce, Ann

No headstone Plot 303

Burra Cemetery

11 June 1889

Obituary.  Ann Pearce, relict of the late James Pearce of Kooringa, died on 9 June aged 75.  She was a resident of over 40 years.  She was the mother of Messrs W. Pearce Jun., T.W. Pearce, John Pearce, H. Pearce and sister-in-law of W. Pearce Sen. She also left three daughters and grandchildren

Pearce, Elizabeth Jane

Died 10 May 1886

18 May 1886

Obituary.  Elizabeth Jane Pearce née Treglohan, wife of Joseph Pearce, aged 51, a colonist of 32 years has died.

Pearce, John

Died 28 May 1897

Headstone Plot 415

Burra Cemetery

2 June 1897

Obituary.  Mr John Pearce died in his residence in Chapel St last Friday.  He was born at Torrenton in North Devon in 1803 and arrived in SA in the Santiphore on 16 October 1848.  He was a mason by trade and worked for Mr Shepherd and later at Mintaro.  After a trip to the Bendigo goldfields he returned to take up farming at Gum Creek 33 years ago.  About 19 years ago he sold the farm and took land at Baldina.  He retired 15 years ago.  He leaves four sons: John (H. of Pirie), Henry (Mt Bryan Flat), Samuel (Leighton), Richard (Burra), of whom all but Richard are married.  Mrs Tickle, late of Yongala is his eldest daughter and mother of Mrs E.W. Crewes of Kooringa.  Ann and Emma are unmarried and live at home with Richard.  Four sons and two daughters came from England and Emma was born at Mintaro.  He also leaves 35 grandchildren and 70 great-grandchildren.  Rev. Simpson (Wesleyan) officiated at the funeral.

[An addition to the above in XV, 273, 9 June 1897, page 3, said that a sister of John Pearce was still alive in Melbourne and though 100 was of sound memory and intellect and able to get about.  Only about 12 months ago she bought a house in addition to the one she has lived in for a number of years.]

Pearce, Samuel

Headstone plot 424

Burra Cemetery

14 Mar. 1900

Obituary.  Mr Samuel Pearce of Leighton died on 4 March aged 63.  He was born at Bodmin, [Cornwall] on 27 August 1836 and arrived at Port Adelaide in 1848 in the Santipore.  He began work as a mason with his father and arrived in Burra 45 years ago.  He was married at the Mintaro Wesleyan Church 27 November 1857 and took up a farm at Leighton.  He leaves four sons, six daughters and 26 grandchildren.  He has been ailing for some 12 months.

Pearce, William

Died 4 Nov 1899

Headstone plot 405

Burra Cemetery

15 Nov. 1899

Obituary.  William Pearce Sen., aged 79, died Tuesday from influenza.  He came from Leighton buzzard in Bedfordshire and sailed for SA with his wife in February 1848 in the David Malcolm, arriving at Port Adelaide in May 1848. 

He worked in Adelaide as a tailor before moving to Burra in 1849.  When the goldfields opened up he went to Victoria for c.  2 years.  Back again in Burra he was a tailor before trying farming rather unsuccessfully. 

He was a member of the Burra Burra Lodge for 49 years, having joined in March 1850 and was very active in it. 

In 1878 he was financial secretary and was treasurer until 1894 when he retired as the result of a serious accident. 

He is survived by his wife (aged 80), four daughters and one son. 

There are 32 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  He took an active role in the Wesleyan Church. 

There will be a memoriam service on Sunday evening by Rev. W.G. Clarke and the funeral is today at 2.30 p.m.

Pederson, Elizabeth

Died 4 Nov 1893

No headstone Plot 1387

Burra Cemetery

8 Nov. 1893

Obituary.  Mrs M. Pederson, of Stock St Kooringa, died on Friday after a short illness (Pleurisy).  She had given birth to triplets about three weeks ago.  Two of the triplets have also died.  Rev. R.C. Yeoman officiated and a crowd of people attended the funeral on Sunday.

Penrose, William

Died 29 Jan. 1888

Headstone plot 1432

Burra Cemetery

3 February 1888

Obituary.  William Penrose, aged 72 and a colonist of 40 years died at the Burra hospital after much suffering.

Pether, Henry

19 March 1880

Henry Pether.  The late Mr Pether was a printer by trade and had been employed by the Kapunda Herald and the SA Advertiser and when in 1876 F.W. Holder called for the establishment of a local paper in the then flourishing Burra Parliamentary Club, he was appointed to establish the Northern Mail in partnership with Mr F. Jarman.  This became the Burra News and is now the Burra Record, having passed from Mr Pether nearly two years ago.  Mr Pether took up farming at Mongolata, but was driven from there by a series of bad years and returned to printing.  His death was sudden.  It was only two weeks ago that he complained of a cold.  He leaves a wife and several children.

19 March 1880

Obituary.  Henry Pether, late of Kooringa, aged 37, died 15 March, at the residence of his father-in-law, G. Hall, of Edward St, Norwood

Phillips, James

Headstone plot 315

Burra Cemetery

1 Apr. 1891

Obituary.  James Phillips died 30 March at Ayers St Kooringa, aged 55, a colonist of about 35 years.  He carried on business here as a mason.  He leaves a grown-up family of four sons and three daughters.

Pickering, Joseph

Died 12 September, 1877

No headstone

Burra Cemetery

21 September 1877

J. Pickering Obituary. Arrived in colony in 1837 and went with Captain Sturt on expeditions in the south and south-east of the colony and in 1845 began business in Kooringa, being the oldest business resident in Burra. [Though this was said of Thomas Bath when he was selected to lay the school foundation stone.]

Powell, Thomas William

15 Apr. 1891

Obituary.  Thomas William Powell of Glenelg died on 7 April aged 84.  In 1848 he arrived in Kooringa and opened a chemist shop in Commercial St where he also kept the post office.  As well as post-master he was clerk of the Local Court, taking this on when the first clerk, Mr Grant, went to the Victorian diggings in 1851.  He also became then District Registrar of births, deaths and marriages.  He resigned as post-master in 1858 when his eldest son took over briefly before William Pearce took the job, until the telegraph office was built and the post and telegraph offices were united.  He remained Clerk of Courts and Registrar of births, marriages and deaths till 1860 and then went to similar positions in Clare.  In old age a comfortable independence left him by a relative in England allowed him to retire to St Leonards, Glenelg, where he died.  He leaves a family of five.  His second son is Mr S.S. Powell of Glenelg, eldest daughter Mrs G.B. Yeates of Jamestown and his second daughter the late Mrs Andrew Young and his youngest daughter are some years deceased.  His wife died before he left Clare.  He was a prominent member and lay reader of the Anglican Church.

Preece, Hannah

Died 12 February,1890

Headstone plot 485

Burra Cemetery

18 Feb. 1890

Obituary.  Mrs Preece, wife of Benjamin Preece of Aberdeen has died after a long and painful illness.  Mr Preece had lived in the town since the early days – about 37 years ago.  She leaves a large adult family.

Quinn, John

14 Feb. 1894

Obituary.  John Quinn who died on Sunday 4 February was born at Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland 24 June 1819, the son of John Quinn, a gardener.  He was educated in the Catholic Parish School.  He married Mary Lynch of Rockhill in 1844 and came to Port Adelaide in 1856 in the Blue Surplice.  He worked first on the Hill River Station and then for himself as a gardener.  In 1873 he came to Burra.  He had been confined to bed since a stroke four years ago.  Rev. Father Marshner SJ officiated at the funeral.  He is survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters and many grandchildren.

Rawling, Mary

Headstone plot 190

Burra Cemetery

21 May 1902

Obituary.  Mrs Mary Rawling, a resident of Burra for over 50 years, died on 14 May, aged 87.  Mrs Rawling and her husband the late Charles Rawling came from Ponsanooth, Cornwall, on the Omega, leaving Plymouth on 19 April 1851 and arriving at Pt Adelaide 27 July.  Mr Rawling worked at the Burra Mine and also carried on dairying and lime burning until his death 21 years ago.  Two children have since died: John Rawling, the eldest son, and a daughter, Mary Cock, the wife of Francis Cock of Moonta Mines.  Two children survive: Mr Charles Rawling of Broken Hill and Mrs Louisa Davey, the wife of Joseph Davey of Burra.  There are 19 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.  Mr & Mrs Rawling were long time members of the Primitive Methodist Church.

Richards, John

Died 24 July 1902

Headstone plot 1946

Burra Cemetery

30 July 1902

Obituary.  John Richards died at Alberton on Thursday evening.  He arrived in SA in 1853 and went directly to Burra where he was connected with the Mines for several years.  He was aged 84 and was buried in the Kooringa cemetery.

Roach, Henry

8 Oct. 1889

Obituary.  Mr Henry Roach, late Captain of the Burra Mine died at North Adelaide on 6 August, aged 80.

Roberts, John

Died 20 May 1893

17 May. 1893

Obituary.  Mr John Roberts, a very old Burra resident died last Saturday.  He came to Burra in 1850 and carried on a grocery business for several years.  He moved to Robertstown about 26 years ago and set up a store there.  That town is named after him.  He died from mortification setting in following cutting his toenails.  The funeral was largely attended in the Kooringa Wesleyan Church with Rev. R.S. Casely officiating.

Roberts, Hannah

Died 17 August, 1890

29 Aug. 1890

Obituary.  Mrs Thomas Roberts, an old Burra resident died at her daughter’s residence at Narridy [near Crystal Brook].  She arrived in SA with her husband, three sons and two daughters in June 1839 on the Sir Charles Forbes.  Her husband was the first captain of the Burra Burra Mine and died at Golden Grove in 1856.  She is survived by six sons, three daughters, 79 grandchildren and 43 great grandchildren.  Mr Sampson Webb of Steelton is a brother and Mrs James Harris of Burra is a sister.

Rowe, James

25 Feb. 1903

Obituary.  Rev. James Rowe died 14 February 1903.  Notes from a sermon preached in his memory by Rev. W.F. James at Redruth Methodist Church 22 February.

J. Rowe preached his first sermon aged 18 and entered the Bible Christian ministry three years later.  After five years he and Rev. James Way, father of SA’s Chief Justice, were sent to Sa as the first Bible Christian ministers in Australia, arriving in 1850.  Mr Way settled in Adelaide and Mr Rowe in Kooringa, where there was a church to seat 200 and three local preachers.  After a month he walked most of the way to Adelaide, preaching by the way.  On the return journey he almost died of an illness at Kapunda, but survived another 52 years.  For some time he and his wife lived in a hut in the Burra Creek with a household of eight members.  Then a friend allowed them a room in his house.  The church prospered till the Victorian gold rush.  Mrs Rowe supplemented their income with needlework, often 16 hours a day to provide the necessities.  After the men returned a manse was built and the size of the church doubled.  For a time the circuit was fifty miles long, but then Kapunda was attached to Gawler.  Mr Rowe opened services at Riverton, auburn and Watervale.  After six years in Burra Mr Rowe began work in Adelaide.  After a struggle £1,000 was raised before the opening of the church which is now the social hall of the Central Mission.  In 1859 Mr Rowe went to superintend the Mission in Victoria, where he spent 18 years.  The circuit at Geelong was 140 miles long.  The term at Ballarat was hard and in Melbourne he managed a book room.  One day he left Melbourne by coach and travelled 60 miles before breakfast and the road being too hard for the coach, then rode 60 miles to reach his destination by 8 p.m. that day.  Mr Rowe returned to Sa in 1877 and for six years worked at Moonta and Auburn.  He was president of the Conference in 1881 and returned to England two years later where he superintended the erection of the beautiful church at Forest Hill in London and visited widely.  He returned to Sa and spent a further six years in the circuit before being superannuated.  Later a purse of sovereigns and an illuminated address were presented him in Franklin St Church.  His strong willpower made him a formidable opponent.  Mrs Rowe died two years ago.

Sampson, John

Headstone plot 233

Burra Cemetery

8 December 1885

Obituary.  John Sampson Sen. died Saturday 5 December, aged 78.  He was born at Goldzithany near Marazion, Cornwall.  A colonist of 39 years.

The late Mr Sampson was one of the earliest settlers here and found employment in the Burra Mines.  He was for long active in the Bible Christian Church.  Mrs Sampson, who survives, has long been an invalid.

The following information has been provided by a descendant:-

John Sampson Senior was likely born in the Sampson home in Goldsithney, Cornwall and later christened at the church of St. Hilary on 4 December 1808.

The English census for 1841 indicates that John worked as a miner. He married Ann Branwell at Perranuthnoe on 9 July 1831. John  and Ann, together with their five children, left Goldsithney, near Penzance, Cornwall and emigrated to Burra, South Australia, in 1847.

According to the newspaper Observer of 3 July 1847, the passengers were migrants bound for Burra. They left Plymouth, England, on 4 April 1847 on  La Belle Alliance, which was a ship of only 691 tons and whose Master was Abraham Vandervord. The La Belle Alliance carried 294 emigrants and arrived at Port Adelaide on 1 July 1847. After landing at Port Adelaide they went direct to Burra, South Australia, where copper had been discovered some two years previously.

On arrival in Burra they set up home in a tent. In 1849 John signed a petition by Burra families for a subsidy for a teacher. His address on the petition was given as company cottage number 28 in Burra. By 1876 they were living at 2 Bridge Street East, Kooringa. The property is immediately adjacent to the Burra Creek. This was to be their home for the remainder of their lives.

Whilst John was initially employed at the Burra Copper Mine later on in life records indicate he was a teamster (1864-69), a SA Mining Assistant (1877-78) and a dealer (1883 believe dealing in chaff and wood). John was an active member of the Bible Church.

John died of pneumonia on 5 December 1885 and Ann who had long been an invalid, died one month later on 4 January 1886. They are both buried in the Burra Cemetery. Also buried in the same grave is their son Thomas Sampson, only daughter Grace Walker and their granddaughter Mary Elisabeth Sampson.

In 1886  after their deaths their  home was inherited by their granddaughter Mary Ann Harris.

Of the surviving three sons John Sampson Junior was an auctioneer and later Mayor of Burra, James Sampson moved to Moonta in the1860s where he as a local preacher, and William Sampson miner and damsinker moved to Broken Hill in the late 1880s.

Sanders, Robert

25 July 1879

Obituary. Captain Robert Sanders, late of the Burra Mines and since Manager of one of the largest copper mines in Gippsland, Victoria. A telegram from Walalla [perhaps Walhalla?] to P. Lane JP yesterday said the Captain had died the previous night. We had heard of his serious illness, but had hope he would recover to visit some of his family members still in Burra. He was very favourably known here, not only for his work for SAMA, but in his civic role as one of the first Town Councillors for Middle Ward. He took great interest in the Hospital and Institute and in the Masonic Lodge. He leaves a widow, a daughter, and several sons. His last act in connection with Burra was a letter on the water supply question which appeared in the Record a fortnight ago

Sara, George

7 Oct. 1903

Obituary.  The Kalgoorlie Miner of 14 September reports the funeral of the late George Sara, aged 64, who died the previous Wednesday.  Deceased was born in Perranwell, Cornwall and came to SA in 1848 when 21 years old.  About 8 or 9 years later he went to Kooringa carrying out many contracts as part of the firm of Sara & Dunstan.  Afterwards he went to Broken Hill and then to WA where for about two years he did a great deal in the building trade.  He came to Kalgoorlie about 7 years ago and since has put up many large buildings in and around Kalgoorlie.  Deceased had three brothers.  Thomas is in residence in Kalgoorlie and the other two are well-known identities in Pt Pirie and Broken Hill respectively.  His father Mr George Sara is still alive at Willunga, aged 90.  By his first wife he leaves five sons and three daughters.  By the second wife, who survives him, he leaves four young children.

Sara, George

George Sara on his 100th birthday, November 30, 1913

28 Jan. 1914

Obituary.  Mr George Sara died 24 January 1914.  He was born in 1813 at Strongate, Parish of Mylor, Cornwall.  When he was 9 his parents moved to Perranwell and he was sent to mining work.  Later he was taught to be a mason.  He married in 1836 and came to SA 12 years later with 4 sons on the Westminster, arriving 9 July 1848.  Not getting work in Adelaide he went to Willunga.  Soon after he tried the Victorian gold fields, but with little success, though together with two sons he managed to get £600 worth of gold in six months.  He returned to Willunga and took up contract work.  He built many early structures there including the tower of the Roman Catholic church, the old Anglican Church and the parsonage on Aldinga Rd and two Wesleyan Churches.  He owned the Bangor Slate Quarries at Willunga, but abandoned them as unprofitable with a loss of £6,000.  In business with his two sons they built all the railway stations from Riverton to Burra, the Burra School, the Gladstone Gaol, a hotel at Orroroo, the Aldinga Mill, the gorge Bridge at Yankalilla and the viaduct at Currency Creek.  He was the grandfather of J.G. Sara of Aberdeen and leaves two sons, 24 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Schutz, Charles

Headstone plot 526

Burra Cemetery

Obituary.  The long time Burra resident Mr Charles Schutz died at his residence in Kooringa on 4 August, aged 67.  He came to SA in May 1853 and began work at the Burra Mine.  After some years he set up a livery and bait stables which he carried on for a number of years.  He has been ailing for three years and unable to take solid food for the last twelve months.  He leaves six sons: Alfred (Victoria), Charles (Victoria), Ferdinand (Broken Hill), Walter (WA), Herbert (WA), Edgar (Burra).  There are two daughters: Mrs gentle (WA) and Mrs S. Hill (Broken Hill).  He was a member of the Burra Burra Loyal Lodge for many years, members of which walked in procession to the cemetery.

Shortridge, Thomas sen.

No headstone plot 68

Burra Cemetery

10 November  1876

T. Shortridge sen.

Obituary: - died 2 Nov. a resident of 23 years who came as an interpreter for the Spanish speaking muleteers and then worked for SAMA almost till his death

Simpson, Richard

Headstone plot 296

Burra Cemetery

5 Mar. 1889

Obituary.  Richard Simpson died at his residence in Kooringa on 24 February, aged 74, leaving a wife, one son and two daughters.  He had been a colonist of 36 years.

Sleep, Joseph

Headstone plot 441

Burra Cemetery

15 Feb. 1889

Obituary.  Mr Joseph Sleep died on Wednesday 13 Feb., aged 65.  He arrived in Burra in its earliest days and worked in the mine and later, till the abolition of Road boards, worked on main roads in the district.  He was an earnest member of the Wesleyan Church.  He leaves a wife, two sons and two daughters.

Snell, John

Headstone plot 1936

Burra Cemetery

25 Mar. 1914

Obituary.  John Snell died 20 March aged 80.  He was born at Chacewater, Cornwall in 1833 and began work at the Great Consols Mine, Cornwall.  He married in 1857 and soon after left with his wife in the Neptune for Australia where he came straight to Burra and worked in the Burra Mine.  He spent a short time on the Victorian Goldfields.  He worked for some years on the main engine at Morphett’s Shaft and was one of the contractors that put down Grave’s Shaft, considered the best piece of work on the property.  When the mine closed he set up business as a jeweller and was for some years a member of the Town Council.  [1876-7 and 1903-06] He was connected with the Oddfellows Lodge and an earnest worker for the Bible Christian Church and later the Methodist Church.  He was a local preacher and Sunday school teacher.  His wife died in 1902.  He is survived by three sons: Joseph (Broken Hill), John M. (Adelaide), Fred. (Pt Pirie) and four daughters, Annie (Burra), Mrs Ralph (Adelaide), Mrs White (Adelaide) and Mrs Floirie (WA)

Stagg, George

23 Apr. 1902

Obituary.  George Stagg, brother of the late John Stagg, died on 16 April.  He was struck by flying timber when a wagon he was riding in was struck by a train at the Goodwood crossing.  He was previously of Burra, having been a member of the Defence Corps when Capt. Watt was in charge.  He was for many years a farm labourer and a member of Court Unity Lodge No. 3015 for 18 years.  Brother of John (deceased), Joseph and William.

Stagg, James

Died 18 October, 1901

No headstone Plot 2536

Burra Cemetery

23 Oct. 1901

Obituary.  Mr James Stagg, aged 75, an old Burra identity and a founding member of the local Salvation Army corps ahs died.  He lost an eye in an accident at the Aberdeen Quarry and has since failed in health.

Treglohan ,John

23 Aug. 1899

Obituary.  John Treglohan, aged 68, died 17 August in Adelaide.  He was for many years a Burra resident, arriving in SA in 1854 and working as a carpenter at the Burra Mines.  He became a member of the Burra Lodge MUIOOF on 2 April 1856 and was a member for 43 years and a colonist of 45 years.  He was a member of the Wesleyan Church and leaves a widow and family.

Vivian, John

No headstone plot 423

Burra Cemetery

12 Apr. 1889

Obituary.  John Vivian died on 10 April, aged 80.  He was for many years the rent collector for SAMA

25 Mar. 1890

Obituary.  John Vivian died on 11 April 1889  He was the son of Sampson & Jane Vivian and was born at St Austell, Cornwall in 1809.  His father was killed in a mining accident when he was very young.  John went to work rather than stay at school. At 21 he married Miss Williams.  Leaving Cornwall, he went to Tavistock in Devon and met Mr John Torr where they both worked in a mine.  Both were trained in religious principles.  He later moved to Ashburton and then Liskeard and he was active in church and Sunday school work and was a circuit steward.  In 1885 [sic] he came to SA and Burra, becoming an early member of the Bible Christian Church there.  He continued to serve God for over 30 years.

[This last sentence suggests he arrived in Australia not in 1885, but perhaps in 1855, or if the numbers were inverted, in 1858, in any case 1885 is surely wrong.]

Walsh, Margaret Mary

12 Oct. 1904

Obituary.  Mrs Walsh died last Thursday, aged 68.  [The page 4 death notice gives the place of death as Clifton, Queensland, and her names as Margaret Mary.]  She was born at Dungarven, West Waterford, and arrived in SA 14 November 1860 by the Alma.  She proceeded to Burra where she lived for 38 years.  She leaves two sons, Messrs P.J. & T.F. Hughes of Broken Hill and a daughter, Mrs E.P. Hammett.  She lived for many years in a house on Limestone Hill, now in ruins.

Way, Rev James

15 Aug. 1884

Obituary.  The Rev. James Way, the senior Bible Christian minister in SA and father of the Chief Justice has died [on 14 August, aged 80].  He served in the Kooringa Circuit many years ago.  He has been ailing for some time and his death was not unexpected.  He last visited Burra about two years ago when he preached the anniversary sermons.

West, Frances

Headstone plot 540

Burra Cemetery

1 Nov. 1893

Obituary.  Mrs W. West died at Burra Burra Mines at quarter to ten Thursday evening, 26 October.  She was the eldest daughter of the late Edmund Joiner, Inspector of County Police, Petworth, Sussex, where she was born 12 April 1838.  In January 1858 she sailed with her sister from London in the Stately and arrived in May 1858.  In November 1858 she came to Burra as companion to the late Mrs Mauran and in April 1859 was married by Rev. R.C. Flockhart, Wesleyan minister at Kooringa, to William West, present manager of the SAMA estate at Burra.  For some years she and her husband engaged in teaching at Redruth.  In 1873 Mr West gave up teaching and became an official on the staff of SAMA.  In 1891-92 she was Mayoress of Burra and loyally and efficiently assisted her husband in his duties.  On November 30 1892 she christened the new bridge in Aberdeen ‘The Bon Accord Bridge’.

By her gentle demeanour, unostentatious manner, sterling integrity and amiable disposition she made many friends.  Her illness manifested itself six months ago and required a severe operation and through the skilled attention of Dr Sangster she recovered from its effects and it was hoped she would be restored to health, but unfortunately about six weeks ago the return of the disease manifested itself.  She was buried on Saturday at Kooringa, her funeral being largely attended.  Rev. S. Casely officiated.  As well as a husband, Mr William West, she leaves five sons and three daughters:  

Charles Leonard West (Councillor for West Ward)

Alfred Earnest West (Operator at GPO, Adelaide)

Horace Edmund West (Clerk at the Adelaide Railway Forwarding Goods Department)

Joshua James West (Commercial Master, Whinham College, North Adelaide)

Henry Howard West (Clerk, Jamestown Railway Station)

Mrs R.A. Cilento of Jamestown

Miss Harriet and Miss Alice Emily West (Both at home)

White, James William

Died 29 Dec. 1902

No headstone plot 325

Burra Cemetery

31 Dec. 1902

Obituary.  Captain J.W. White died in his home in East St on Monday.  He had worked for the Burra Mines for some years.  Aged 77, he leaves a wife and grown-up family.

White, John

Died 6 August 1902

Aug. 1902

Obituary.  John White, aged 77, died on Wednesday.  He arrived in SA in 1855 in the Frenchman and came to Burra where he was employed on Koonoona Station and spent 40 years in there employ.  He leaves a widow and three daughters: Mrs T. Selby (Yongala), Mrs R. Speckman (Koonoona), Mrs R. Hill (Burra) and three sons: James & John (Koonoona) and William (Mintaro).

Wilkinson, William Henry

7 November 1879

Obituary. On 1 November, at Gawler, Dr William Henry Wilkinson, father of T.W. Wilkinson and an old and respected former Burra resident. 23 years a colonist. Born county Wexford, Ireland, 14 March 1815, entered the army at 17 and served 21 years: 2 years as a private, 4 as a corporal and 15 as a Hospital Sergeant. Arrived in SA in 1858 and became a chemist and druggist at Gawler and later a medical practitioner. He was made a JP in 1860

William, Mary Ann

No headstone plot 2239

Burra Cemetery

25 July 1900

Obituary.  Mary Ann Williams, aged 77, widow of Michael Williams, died on 20 July after a short illness.

Mr & Mrs Williams who died within a week of each other were married in Cornwall on 11 July 1846.  Mr Williams had been almost blind for some years.  They arrived in SA 44 years ago and Mr Williams was a foreman blacksmith at the Burra Mines for many years.

Williams, Eliza

Died 5 June 1893

Headstone plot 535

Burra Cemetery

7 June 1893

Obituary.  The wife of Mr Solomon Williams, aged 74, died last Monday at her residence in Chapel St.  She arrived in SA in October 1846 and came to Burra in August 1857.  She was a resident of 46 years.

Williams, Michael

No headstone plot 2239

Burra Cemetery

Obituary.  Michael Williams, husband of Mary Ann Williams died on 14 July, aged 85.  Formerly of Cornwall, Mr Williams was a colonist of 44 years.

Woollacott, William

20 May 1881

Obituary.  William Woollacott, aged 65, a colonist of 33 years, at his residence at Nelson, near Redruth.  13 May.