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Burra: A Photographic Journey

The Burra History Group is proud to present their book on the history of Burra titled, "Burra: A Photographic Journey"
compiled by Eric Fuss and Meredith Satchell.

Professor of Australian Studies at Deakin University in Victoria, David Walker wrote the foreword and officially launched the book on June 8th, 2009 at the Burra Town Hall. He said:

"At its peak in the 1850s Burra, in the dry mid-North of South Australia, was the largest copper producing region in the world. Miners, managers and speculators poured in from all around the world, with Cornish miners predominating. By 1851 the population had jumped to around 5,000. Socially and culturally, Burra had joined the nineteenth century Cornish diaspora. When the mines closed in 1877, the pastoral industry became the mainstay of the economy. For much of its history – from 1876 to 1977 - Burra had the great good fortune of having its own newspaper, documenting the life of the region and the comings and goings of the townspeople in work and leisure.

"Burra's fascinating history is beautifully told in the text and photographs assembled by Eric Fuss and Meredith Satchell. No-one knows the historical record better than they do. The shifting fortunes of the town have been meticulously researched and charted. Churches and hotels, businesses and bridges, floods and droughts, along with the cycle of births, deaths and marriages are presented in wonderfully evocative photographs. While the compilers have done the old town proud, their history tells a larger story of settlement, adaptation to a hard climate and historical change. Burra: A Photographic Journey is both a visual treat and a pleasure to read."

15 April, 2009


The book is A4 in size and is 246 pages, 64 of which are in colour.

It can be purchased from the Burra Information Centre

Cost: Softcover $50