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Aberdeen Ballast Quarry c.1870-1950s? Railway Ballast Quarry Produced large quantity of high quality ballast: for some of the time connected to railway by a spur line Hd. Kooringa Section 4
All Nations Mine  c. 1867  Record of Mines 1908 reports it was worked by a Melbourne Co. “nothing known” Near Burra
Apoinga Blue Success
Blue Hole
1941-1951 Crocidolite Asbestos Quarry Claims finally cancelled 1956 Hd.  Apoinga Section 252 3 miles N.W. of Robertstown 1:25,000 map suggest Section 295 or 296
Apoinga Apoinga Copper Mining Co. 1857-82 prospecting 1882-83 mining Copper 4 shafts & some driving Company wound up: property disposed of in 1885 Hd. Apoinga Section 12 7 miles N.E. of Black Springs (also leased Sections 15, 16, 17) for  prospecting Perhaps renumbered?
Apoinga Gold Mining Co c.1931 Gold Shaft and driving Burra Record 3/6/31 reports 1st shareholders meeting Black Springs 21 May 1931.  No menton after 17 June 1931  
Apoinga Gold Show 1930 Gold Shaft & shallow pits A little alluvial gold found.  Ores showed only a trace Hd. Apoinga Section 10 !4 miles WNW Robertstown (central eastern pt of section)
Asbestos Mining Co S.A. Asbestos & Mining Co. Ltd Robertstown Asbestos Mine 1894-? Not continuously Asbestos Pits/QuarryMore research needed to clarify, but apparently worked at different times 1st in 1894 when c. 6 tons bagged. Asbestos Mining Co. 1912 employed over 30. S.A. Asbestos& Mining Co. issued prospectus 1921 Add . Burra Record 9/9/1931 Robertstown Asbestos Mine very active formerly S.A. Asbestos & Mines  but they closed Down 8 Miles NE Robertstown e of Section 48 Hd. Bright
Bevan & Sons Sliver Claim c.1888 Silver Shafts & costeen pits Burra record 20/4/1888 reports an offer to buy it shafts & pits had then cost £1,250 15 miles from Burra
Black George Mining Co 1888 Copper Shaft? Burra Record 20/4/1888 reports  offer of 100 shares of £1 to develop copper lode at Black George Well in Redruth Redruth
Black Hills Silver Mines World’s End Silver Claims Includes: Dunstan’s Silver Claim, Black Hills Pty Silver Mine Syndicate, W. Pearce Jun. Claim Black Hills Pty Co 1886-c.1890? Silver Shafts & pit Oddly Record of Mines 1908 has no information.  Burra Record 9/2/1886 says there are over 300 claims & by 23/2/1886 says they were surveyed & settled with more being made Black Hills Silver Mine was wound up 1889 and Burra Record 24/12/89 reports the whole field a failure c. 16 miles SE of Burra
Bon Accord Mine 1846-1864 Copper Water Shafts drives & crosscuts Main Shaft to 300’ supplied the town water supply 1878-1966 (Aberdeen only 1878-1884) Good references is David P. Bannear “An Archaeological Survey of the Von accord Property Burra South Australia 1845-1966 (5 volumes0, Saddleworth, 1987 Hd. Kooringa Section 4 on N side of Burra Mine
Burra Consols   1870, 1873, 1899 Copper Shafts Worked spasmodically but lack of finance forced it to close each time 12 miles SE Burra Hd. Baldina
Burra Corporation Burra Town Council Road metal Quarry The town council worked a number of local quarries for limestone & shale for road metal Hd. Kooringa Section 1
Burra Creek Mining Venture 1865 Copper 240 acres at Military map reference 227816 Hd. Bundey Section 131 2½miles W. Gums Homestead
Burra Fire Clay Co.   H. Baldina
Burra Hill 1943? Rock Phosphate Discovered J. Barker. Not developed Hd. Kooringa Section 1 Western slope of hills immediately W. Of Burra
Burra Joker Mine/Claim Joker 1888-91 Silver Shaft Syndicate of 60 Burra men employed 2 men for 6 weeks & then some move time.  Only a trace at best. Shaft to 200 feet. 20 miles e. of Ketchowla Homestead
Burra Manganese & Silver Mining Co. Ltd Iron Mine/Ironmine Period of Burra Mine 7 1888 Iron & manganese Shaft Originally produced thousands of tons of manganese ore for E&A Copper Co. Smelters at Burra 1888 attempt to restart operations failed for lack of local buyer for flux.  The company had hoped it was a cap for silver deposit 6 miles W of Burra adjacent Ironmine Church Hd of Ayers Section 92
Canowie Claim   1904 Copper Burra Record 16/3/1904 reported a ‘‘useful” copper find but nothing eventuated Between Canowie & Booborowie
Carn Brae St Elmo / & 1913 Copper/Gold Shaft & drive Burra record 23/4/1913 & 10/11/1913 report work on the old Cran Brae claim then renamed st Elmo ‘in what seems to e gold bearing stuff’ Robertstown/Bright
Cartapo Creek   Cobalt & manganese Not developed Hd Ayers
District Council of Burra From 1925 Road metal Quarries These & probably other sites as well Hd. Kooringa section 4 Hd. Hanson Section 81
Duncan’s   1890 Silver-Lead Pits Veins too small to be of value Hd. Hanson Sections 603,604
Eastern Gold & Prospecting Syndicate   1902?-1906? Copper & Gold Shaft Burra Record 11/1/1905 reposts a nice find of copper 3 years ago & 1/2/1905 a syndicate to exploit it. Shaft to c. 100ft. when work appear to have ceased by march 1906 .Burra Record 11/7/1906 Syndicate failed to raise money. C30-35 miles east of Burra
Edelweiss Mine Edeberg Mine   Copper & Vanadium Mentioned in Record of Mines 1908 p50 Hd Apoinga Block 1 14 miles south of Burra
Fairview Phosphate Workings Fair View Fair View Co/Mine Adelaide  artificial Manure Co   Phosphate Shafts and Quarries Found by F.A.S. Field 1900 Minor production 1903 Adelaide Artificial manures Co. Small production 1903-1918 Another claim ran form 1950-53 on Section 224 & ore from 1952-53 on Section 225 but apparently without production See also reports in Burra Record between 2/3/1904 and 28/3/1906 Hd. Bright section 225 & 224 (formerly Section 4) 18m SSE Burra 13 miles north of Robertstown (Lily Dora adjoins)
Hills Creek Mine   1885 Copper   Burra Record 16/10/1888 Rich lode of copper struck by Mr Milner: no other information Ulooloo
Kapunda Prospecting Claim   1886? Copper   Mentioned in Burra Record 2/3/1886 no further details Close to Burra Creek on Mt Mullen
Karkulto for second mine called Karkulto see Royal Mining Co Southern Australian Mining Assoc. 1850-51 1855-66 Copper Iron 6 shafts 7 1,600ft. of drives 7 winzes & man stopes Production ceased 1857-55 due to Victorian gold rush.  The iron ore was used as a smelting flux at Burra Hd Apoinga Sections 21, 81, 2182, 2184, 2185, 2186
Lily Dora 1905-06? Phosphate   Record of Mines 1908 says exploration only till then.  Record of Mines Summary Sheet gives 10 tons for 1903 Adjoining Fariview Phosphate Workings one report says 1½ miles closer to Burra
Morrison, A.D. Claim 1950 Clay   Satisfactory for low temperature fire brick Hd. King Section 164 5½ miles NW Barker’s Dam
Mt Bryan Silver Claim Mt Bryan Ranges Silver Mine Assoc. 1888 Silver Shaft Burra record 9/3/1888 reports discovery  5 20/4/1888 reports shaft at 46 feet & other work – then silence 1 mile north Mt Bryan railway station
Munjibbie Mine   ? & 1905?   Burra Record 26/7/1905 H. Price is working the old Munjibbie Mine & making good wages some of the time 7 miles NE Ulooloo 10 miles SE Terowie
Murphy’s Gold Mine   1882? Gold   Burra Record 17/3/1882 Murphy’s Gold Mine prospectus withdrawn
Porter’s Lagoon Salt
Princess Elise 1907 Copper Burra Record 22/5/1907 & 5/6/1907 reports find & attempt to float company 28/8/1907 work going well: then silence ½ mile from Princess Royal Mine
Princess Royal Mine   1845-51   1867-68       1898 Copper Shafts & pits 1867-68 work by E&A Copper Co (of Burra Smelts) 1898-99 effort seems to have failed Hd. Kooringa Section 2
Pulpara Mine Pulpara & Caroona United Silver Ming & Mineral Co. 1888 Silver   Govt. geologist finds nothing there Burra Record 21/9/1888 ENE of Caroona  Bend Station 5 miles SE Ketchowla
Robertstown Silver Claims   1886 Silver Shaft & pits As for Black Hills claims; much activity but no results. Govt. geologist found a trace of silver in Moonta Cain & trace of copper in Murphy’s Claim 15-20 claims (Record of Mines 1908)
Robertstown Silver-Lead Mine Robertstown Bright Silver & Lead Mine (or Mining Co.) 1912-13? Silver Shafts with drives & crosscuts Burra Record 23/10/1912 reports find & reports progress approx. monthly till May 1913. On 29/10/1913 it says ore being sent to Germany: then silence
Royal Mining Co. Karkulto (not same as Karkulto Mine of S.A.M.A) 1851-61 intermittently Iron & Copper Shafts & Open Cut Almost all work on Section 3059 Hd. Stanley.  All sections sold in 1862.  Iron sold as flux for E&A Copper Co. smelters. E&A Copper Co. leased the mine in 1857 Hd Apoinga Section  3054, 3060 Hd Stanley 3058, 3059 1½miles Ne Black Springs
Scrubbers Camp Mine Scrubbers Camp Mining Co Ltd 1866-68 Copper Shafts On land which later became part of Ulooloo Goldfield Reserve Hd. Hallett Section 649 6¼ miles NE Mt.Bryan
Sod Hut MIne     Mentioned in Record of Mines 1908 No other information Near Burra
Ulooloo Copper Mine 1889 Copper Shaft & crosscut On 100 acres of private land which have not been traced exactly 108ft. shaft.  NO other information Hd. Hallett Section 304 (probably) 3 miles E. Ulooloo Railway Station
Ulooloo Gold Field   Gold Shafts Discovered 1870-71 First workings on Section 650 then 673 along Noltenius Creek & Coglin Creek.  Many claims worked intermittently from then on especially in times of unemployment.  Rather distant from Burra but many Burra men went there in the nineteenth century depression & some in 1930’s. Workings were in alluvial gold Hd. Hallett Sections 650 & 763 20 miles north of Hallett
Utica Copper Mining Co. Duttons Duttons Trough Utica Copper Mining Co. New Burra Copper Syndicate Atica Copper MIne 1847-51 1897-1906?   1912-1915   1918?-?Copper Shafts, drives, open cuts 7 pits Worked by F. H. Dutton 1847-1857Hd. Kooringa Section 3 9¼miles SE of Burra
West Burra Copper Mining Co   1913-1918 Copper Shaft crosscut & winze Found in 1913 by W. Blott & Company formed same year. Little work after December 1916. Claim Cancelled Feb. 1919 1920 4 men worked on adjacent claim to NW No ore raised Hd. Hanson Section 116
Wheal Motley Copper Mining Syndicate 1888 Burra Record 15/5/1888 Prospectus 10&24/7/1888 Set to begin work 23/10/1888 calls for tributers Syndicate seems t have covered 6 claims 480 acres 20 miles E of Paratoo Railway Station
Wheelbarrow Hills Silver & Lead Mining Syndicate 1888-89 Shaft Burra Record 15/5/1888 Prospectus Record of Mines 1908 says a small vein in 1889 yielded 7oz/ton but was not worth developing 90 acres 3 miles north of Farrell Flat railway station on J.J. Duncan’s Gum Creek property
William’s Claim 1904 ? Opal Shaft Burra Record 19/10/1904: attempt to raise money to test the claim & 13/6/06: further attempt to test the claim. North of Millerton