Burra Genealogy graphic
Burra Miners at the Monster Mine

This is not strictly a list of miners but rather a list of people who had connection with the town from it’s earliest years. The local paper did not begin publication until June 1876 and the mine closed in 1877. The lack of a local paper until this late date in the early history of Burra makes it difficult to discover the fine details of family members that researchers are often looking for.

Jennifer Carter, through her publication of “Burra 1845-1851 a Director of Early Folk” gives details of some of the earliest residents of the town. See her book for more information about the people listed below.

Folk who stayed for a short time are particularly difficult to trace but a little help may be found in the following resources:

A road gang, place unknown

A road gang, place unknown

  • South Australian, Birth, Death and Marriage Indexes
  • District Registers of Birth, Death and Marriage
  • The Burra Record (for obituaries)
  • Lodge Records,
  • Wesleyan Baptisms held at the State Library of South Australia
  • The Story of the Monster Mine the Burra Burra Mine & its Townships 1845-1877 by Ian Auhl
  • Burra Burra Reminiscences of Burra Mine and its Townships Compiled by Ian Auhl
  • Burra Families Data Base
  • After 1876 consulting the Burra Record Summaries by Eric Fuss, available at the Burra Community Library Local History Room may reveal some interesting links.
  • Researchers contacts and files Burra Community Library Local History Room.

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A - GH - Phillips, JosiahPhillips, Phillip - Z
Abbot William
Adam Carl
Addison Charles
Ahrins Wilhelm
Aiken Charles
Albert/Albrecht? Charles Henry
Albrecht C.
Aldene Benjamin
Allen Francis
Allen Mark
Allen Joseph
Allen William
Anderson Abrham
Andrew Elizabeth
Andrew John
Andrew Peter
Annear Benjamin
Anslow Thomas
Anstey Frederick James
Appledore Martha
Arthur George
Arthur William
Ayers Henry
Bacon Caroline
Baddeley C. H.
Badcock James
Bagg John Diment
Bagg Francis John
Bagshaw Rev. John Charles
Bailey Alexander George
Bailey Benjamin
Bailey George
Bailey Peter
Bailey Richard
Bailey William
Baker Ellen
Baker William
Balhausen Caroline
Balhausen Johanna Henrietta
Ballhausen Louis
Ballard David
Bambrick Robert
Banfield Thomas
Barclay Daniel
Barclay James
Barker Alfred
Bartlett Thomas
Barltrop James George
Barnes Eliza
Barnes Mary
Barnes Thomas West
Barnes William Edward
Barnett John S.
Barrett William
Barth Caroline
Barry E.
Bassett John
Bastian Eliza
Bastian Joseph
Bastian Robert
Bate John
Bate William
Bates Enoch
Bath Henry
Bath Thomas
Bath Tristram
Batman William
Bayne David
Beaglehole William H.
Bear/Beare Joseph
Beer John
Beerpark James John
Behrens Jacob
Behrens L.
Bell John George
Bellman Mary Jane
Belsher Edwin
Belson John
Benbow Mrs.
Benjamin John
Bennett Christopher S.
Bennett George
Bennett J.
Bennett/Bennetts Thomas
Bennetts William
Bentley edward
Bentley James
Bentley Rosetta Jane
Berry Andrew
Berry Peter
Berry Thomas
Berryman Richard
Besanko/Bosanko Alexander
Best Mary Jeffrey
Bests William Henry
Bevan George
Bevan John
Bice/Byce Christian
Bickley John
Bicknell John
Bielefler Carl
Bigger Robert
Bignell Samuel
Billing Joseph
Birrell Andrew
Birrell Robert
Birt William
Bishop Henry
Blackler Edwin
Blafins J. C.
Blair William
Blake William
Blatchford James
Blee Edwrd
Blight Joseph
Blight Thomas
Blight William
Bock Carl
Bock H.
Bock William
Bohm August
Boehm Ernst August
Boikowsky Franz
Bone Elizabeth
Bone William
Boord Samuel Elkington
Boots John
Bosance Martha
Bosance Richard
Bosanko Benjamin
Boswarva Henry Mooringe
Botheras John
Botheras Richard
Bortheras Stephen
Bottrell Joseph
Boundy Christopher
Boundy Joseph
Boundy William
Bowden Hugh
Bower Sarah
Bowman Joseph
Bowman Edmund
Boylan Michael
Box William
Bradley Anthony
Bradshaw William Foster
Bramble Jane
Brandsletter Guido
Brash John
Bray Joseph
Bray Samuel
Bray Sarah
Bray Tom
Bray William
Breaden David
Breesch William
Bremer Charles
Brewer John
Britton William
Broad Samuel
Bromley James Edward
Brooker William
Brookes Charles
Broughton Mary
Brown Evelyn
Brown Frances
Brown “Captain” George William
Brown Stephen
Brown Thomas
Brown William
Brummack James
Bruggeman H. Christopher
Bruse Fritz William Peter
Bruse Henry
Bruse T
Bruse William/Wilhelm
Ludwig Heinrich
Bruse William (2)
Bryant Joseph
Bryant Matthew
Bryant William (1)
Bryant William (2)
Bryce David
Buchanan Martha
Buckley William
Budd Thomas
Buhle Adolf
Bull George
Bull John
Bullen H
Bulling H
Bulling John
Burgess Thomas
Burke Henry
Burley George
Burn Charles
Burn Richard
Burr Thomas
Burslem Francis H
Burton Mary
Butcher Thomas
Butler George
Buxton Joseph
Byce Joseph
Byrne John
Calliss William
Cameron Margaret Ann
Cameron William
Canan Austin
Capper George
Carbins/Carbynes John E
Carbis Francis
Carley Henry
Carlssen J.F.
Carter John
Carter Joseph
Carthew John
Carthew Stephen Pellew
Carthew Thomas
Carthew Zacharias George
Carthew Zacharias jun.
Cavanagh Patrick
Cawker Samuel
Chane “Captain” William
Challoner William
Chambers Dr. Henry
Chambers James “Jemmy”
Chambers John
Chandler H
Chapman Edgar
Chapman John
Chapman William
Chappel William
Charlton/Chorlton? William
Cheetham Rev. Henry
Chellew John
Cheriton John
Chigwillen Elizabeth
Chipman Henry (1)
Chipman Henry (2)
Chipman John
Chivell William
Clare Amelia
Clare S
Clark James
Clary/Clery James
Clemens/Clements? James Nicholas
Clement John
Clements Samuel
Clymo John
Clymo Joseph
Coad/Coade Samuel
Coad Stephen
Coade William
Coakaly Margaret
Cock Helen
Cock Mary Ann
Cock William jnr
Cocking Uncle Billy
Cocking Richard
Cocking Thomnas
Coke Coleman
George F
Collings George
Collins Charles
Collins Henry
Collins James
Collins John
Collins Mary Ann
Collins Philadelphia
Collins Robert
Colton William
Combs Thomas
Comer Thomas
Congdon John
Connell Alexander
Cooper David
Cooper Robert
Coote William
Copley James
Coppard Charles
Cotton George Witherage
Cousins/Couzens John
Coyle Joseph
Coward Alfred
Cowie Edward
Cowie Robert
Cowley Joseph
Cowling/Cowleny James
Cox Thomas
Graze George
Craze James
Craze Susan Pasmore
Creasey George
Creeper Elizabeth
Creeper Joseph (1)
Creeper Joseph (2)
Crews Thomas
Crouch Robert
Crout William
Crouzey Nicholas
Cudmore Daniel
Culton H
Cundy Eliza Jane
Cundy Grace
Cundy H
Cundy Peter sen.
Cundy Peter jnr.
Cundy Richard
Cunow H
Dahle Julie
Daniel Edwin
Dare Lydia
Dashwood Police Commissioner
George F.
Davey Benjamin
Davey John
Davey P
Davey Thomas (1)
Davey Thomas (2)
Davey/Davy William
Davies G
Davies H
Davies Joseph
Davies Samuel
Davis David
Davis R
Daw Joseph
Dawson Henry
Day John
Day Thomas
Day Mrs
Deeble Joel
Deeble Joseph
Deeble Malachi (1)
Deeble Malachi (2)
Degenhardt Gustav Julius Wilhelm
Degenhardt J. Augustus
Degenhardt J Carl Ludwig
Degenhardt Ludwig/Louis
Delbridge Edward
Delbridge James (1)
Delbridge James (2)
Dewhurst L.
Dewner/Dinner James
Dinner Mary Ann
Dick A.M.
Dickson Isabella
Dignum Francis
Diprose George
Diprose Turton
Dittmer H
Dobberwien Henry Phillip
Dobinson Henry B
Dobbinson Maria
Dober Thomas
Doidge John
Domen Martin
Douglas A
Dower John
Dower William
Drayton Samuel
Drayton William
Drew Samuel
Drew Sarah
Dreyer George Ludwig
Dreyer T
Duff William
Dunemann Friedrich
Dunn Agnes
Dunn James (1)
Dunn James (2)
Dunn James (3)
Dunn Mary
Dunn Richard King
Dunon F
Dunstan Ann
Dunstan Bennett
Dunstan Elizabeth
Dunstan Grace
Dunstan James
Dunstan John
Dunstan Sarah Jane
Dunstan Thomas
Dunstan William
Dunstone H
Dunstone J
Dunstone Thomas
Dusntone William
Dyer Henry
Dyer Thomas Godwin
Eckert Johanna Anna
Eddy Arthur
Eddy James
Eddy Louisa
Eddy Mary Ann
Eddy P
Eddy Richard (1)
Eddy Richard (2)
Eddy William
Edwards James
Edwards John
Edwards John Samuel
Edwards Samuel
Edwards William Kendall
Elford Robert
Ellery Edward
Ellig Wilhelm
Ellis George Mark
Ellis Mary Ann
Ellis Thomas
Ellison E
Elphick William Kennard
Elwood John James
Emmett William Abbot
Escott William
Essex William
Evans Anthony
Evans George
Evans Jane
Evans Robert
Evans Rev. William Meirion
Evans William
Evans William Henry
Ewbank George
Ewing Wiliam
Ey A.M.
Ey Ferdinand
Ey Hemann
Fairbank Mary
Falkenhagen E.
Farley John
Farnsworth David
Farquhar J.
Farrell Peter
Fellowes Charles
Ferguson William
Fiedler F
Fiedler Henry
Fielder Caroline
Fielding Barbara
Finch John
Finch William
Fisher G
Fitzgerald Edward
Fitzpatrick James
Fitzpatrick T.
Flaxman Bartley
Flynn Ellen
Flynn Margaret
Ford Charles Christopher
Ford George
Ford Joseph
Fortune John
Foulds John
Fox John
Franasye Michael
Francis Griffiths
Francis James
Francis John
Francis William
Franklin William Frances
Fredercik Johathan
Friedlander AntonFriedrich
Frieh Heinrich
Frigins Elizabeth
Fruelitz F.P.
Fry R.
Fry Robert
Furley George
Furneas Thomas
Fuss Heinrich Wilhelm
Fuss Wilhelm
Gallagher Sarah Ann
Gallagher Thomas
Galley George Miller
Gallien John
Gander Christian
Gandey R.
Gardiner Eliza
Garsted William
Garter/Carter Thomas
Gartrell Francis
Gartrell William Henry
Gay Thomas
George Edward
Gill Thomas
Gillard Joseph
Gladwin Miss Elizabeth
Gladwin Jane
Glasson Josiah
Glasson Richard Tyack
Gluyas/Glewis Richard
Goldsworthy Azariah
Goldsworthy James
Goldsworthy Richard
Gollard John
Gollin Bezaleel
Golling L
Goodman Thomas
Goodwin Emma
Goodwin George
Goodwin James
Gordon Forbes B.
Grant Claudius
Grant Thomas
Grapes Edward
Gray John
Gray William
Green Edmund
Green George
Green William (1)
Green William (2)
Greenaway Nancy
Greenhow Edward
Gregg Henry
Gregor James
Gregor R
Grenfell Henry
Grenfell Richard
Grenfell Wiliam
Grey Thomas
Grey Zacharias
Gribble Samuel
Grierson Robert H.
Griffen William Benjamin
Griffiths James
Griffiths Thomas
Grigg John
Grimm Christian
Grimm John
Grimm L
Grylls J
Grose Edward
Grose Thomas
Gubbins John L.
Gummer/Gummow Richard
Gummow E
Gummow William
Gundry Richard
Guppy Emmanuel
Hagadon William H
Haggers Sarah
Hahn Friedrich
Hailes John Davey
Haines John
Haining James L
Hair Thomas
Haldane Thomas
Hale Matthew B.
Hall Edward
Hall John
Hall Josiah
Hall Mary
Hall Samuel
Hall William
Halls James
Halls Lavinia
Halls William
Halse John
Hampton John
Hancock Edward
Hancock W
Handley Thomas
Hansen Johann Friedrich
Harcourt Rev. John
Hardham Alfred
Hare Thomas
Harford Samuel
Harolds Susanna
Harper John
Harper William
Harris Abraham
Harris Ambrose
Harris Fanny
Harris George
Harris James
Harris Jane
Harris John (1)
Harris John (2)
Harris Michale
Harris Selina
Harris Thomas (1)
Harris Thomas (2)
Harris Thomas (3)
Harris William (1)
Harris William (2)
Harris William (3)
Harry Joseph
Harry William
Harvey Elizabeth
Harvey James
Harvey John
Harvey Stephen
Harvey Thomas William
Haslaye Henry
Hatton William
Haughton Maria
Hawke John
Hawkes William
Hawkey John
Hawking William
Haywood Johnson Frederick
Hawkins William
Heales William
Healey John
Hebbard James
Hebbard John
Heine W
Heinrich Carl August
Heinrichs H
Hele John
Henderson Andrew
Hendeson George
Henderson Robert
Henwood James
Henwood Samuel
Hendy Nicholas
Herault Alexander
Heyes Dennis
Hicks Elisha
Hicks Frances
Hicks James
Hicks William (1)
Hicks William (2)
Higgins Henry
Higgs John
Hill John
Hill William Parr
Hilton William
Hinch James
Hobson Benjamin
Hinz William
Hocker Thomas
Hocking Amelia
Hocking Ann
Hocking Elizabeth
Hocking George
Hocking John
Hocking Mary
Hocking John
Hocking Mary
Hocking William (1)
Hocking William (2)
Hodge Jane
Hodge Martin
Hoey Bridget
Hoiles John
Hoiles J
Holling Augusta Johanna
Holling William
Hollwig Christian
Holtznagel Albert
Homan John
Honey John
Hooper John
Hooper Joseph
Hooper Thomas
Hopkins David
Horrocks Arthur
Horton Harry
Hosken/Hoskins James
Hosken James H
Hoskin Jane
Hoskin /Hosking Henry
Hosking Jane
Hosking Samuel Henry
Hosking Thomas
Hotchen/Hotchkin Robert
Hugh Thomas
Houghton James
Houghton Sarah Ann
Hubert Heinrich
Hugh John
Hughes David
Hughes Thomas
Hull William
Humble Samuel Walter
Humphrey James
Humphrey John
John Connaugt
Hunter Job Neil
Hunter John
Hurat Alfred Richard
Husson Ellen
Hutchens William
Hutchins/Hutchens W.R.
Ingram F
Instant Catherine
Ivey John
Ivey Charlotte
Jackson Edmund
Jackson Helen
Jackson Joshua
Jackson William
Jacob John
Jacobs William
Jacques Charles
James Henry
James James
James Joseph
James Mary Jane
James Richard (1)
James Richard (2)
James Samuel
James Thomas
James William (1)
James William (2)
James William (3)
James William Hill
Jasper Richard
Jeffrey (Jefferies) James
Jeffrey Mary
Jeffrey William
Jemmett G
Jemmett Helen Georgiana
Jenkins John
Jenkins/Jinkins G.P.
Jenkins/Jinkins James
Jenkins John
Jenkins/Jinkins William
Jennings John
Jilbert Mary
Jinkin James
John David
Johns James
Johns John (1)
Johns John (2)
Johns Richard
Johns William
Johnson George
Jolly Elizabeth Ann
Jolly Francis
Jones Charles Robert
Jones Edward
Jones Evan
Jones Francis
Jones Henry (1)
Jones Henry (2)
Jones John
Jones Joseph
Jones Leyshon
Jones Richard (1)
Jones Richard (2)
Jones Samuel
Jones Susan
Jones Thomas
Jones William
Jose Henry
Jose James
Jose Julia
Jose Sarah
Jose Thomas (1)
Jose Thomas (2)
Jose William
Judd John
Julyan/Julian Hannibal
Julyan/Julian John (1)
Julyan/Julian John (2)
Kalstrom Herman
Keast George
Keirnall/Kearnall Carl Gottlieb
Keirnall/Kearnall Louisa
Kerwick William Darton
Kelly John
Kelly Mary
Kelly WilliamKenden
Kendall James
Kenden George
Kennedy Martin
Kent Christina
Kent William
Kerr William Isaac
Kessler Ch.
Kestel Mirian Odgers
Kestel Ralph Wheatley Odgers
Killicoat Captain Isaac
King William
Kingston George Strickland
Kingsmill Walter Davies
Kirk Archibald
Kirkpatrick R
Kirschner Elsie
Kirschner T
Klester August F
Knight George
Knuckey Persis
Knuckey Richard
Knuckley William
Kugler A
Kunst John
Ladner Edward
Laing Alexander
Lamb L G.
Lambert/Lambeth George Robert
Lands George
Lang William
Langan James
Langmead Philip
Langton William
Launder Henry Thomas
Lawn Catherine
Lawn William
Lawrence William
Lawson Thomas
Lean John
Lean Nicholas
Lecher Richard
Leggo John
Lienert Conrad August
Lienert Julius
Leith John Forbes
Le Lievre William
Leonard Patrick
Lester Frederick
Lester Herbert
Letcher Mary Anne
Levett Leonard
Lewis William
Lindrum F.
Littleton Jacob
Llewellyn David
Lloyd Charles
Lobeck Louis Robert
Lock W.B.
Loewe Wilhelm
Logie James
Long William
Lowe Rev. William
Lowes Thomas
Lucas R.
Lucas William Bright
Lugg John
Lutz A
Lutz G
Lutz Henry Charles
Lutze Heinrich August Freidrich
Lyceth Mary
Lynch Bridget
MacKay David
MacKey Ann Patterson
MacLeod William
MacUmber Philip
Madden George
Madden Mary
Madden William
Maddern Henry
Magge Edward
Magor Alice
Magor Fanny Louisa
Magor Henry Luke
Magor John
Mahoney Ann
Major John
Major Thomas
Maling/Malling John S.
Margun/Morgan Mary
Marks Solomon
Marks Morris
Martin Ann Frances
Martin Edmund
Martin Elizabeth
Martin James
Martin John (1)
Martin John (2)
Martin Mary
Martin Priscilla
Martin Stephen
Martin William
Martins Martin
Mason Charles
Mason Edward Price
Mason George
Mason Samuel
Massey Joseph
Massey William
Matthews Christopher
Matthews Richard (1)
Matthews Richard (2)
Matthews Robert
May John
May Susanna
McCarty Bernard
McCasker John
McClure William
McCulloch Alexander
McCullough Sergean-Major
McDonald Robert
McDonough Francis
McDougal James
McDougall Marion
McFarlane Peter
McGargill Stephen
McGrath Richard
McKenzie James
McKenzie William
McRae Katherine
McWilliam A
Meators William
Mehlmann A
Mehlmann Caroline
Mehlmann W
Meissen August
Melvin George
Mengler Christian
Mengler Ernst
Menhennet William
Merrett/Merritt Charles
Merrifield James
Meurant Albert
Meyer Augusta Caroline
Meyer Carl
Meyer Heinrich W
Meyer Lina Louisa Rica
Middleton Alexander L
Middleton James
Middleton Thomas
Midling James
Midred Henry
Mill/Mills John
Miller E. H.
Miller Thomas
Milley William
Mills Elizabeth
Mills Thomas
Milstead Edward
Milstead John
Milstead Josiah
Mitchell Eliza
Mitchell Francis
Mitchell John
Mitchell Martha
Mitchell Mary
Mitchell Richard (1)
Mitchell Richard (2)
Mitchell Sampson
Mitchell William (1)
Mitchell William (2)
Mooney Cecilia
Mooney Thomas
Moore Christopher
Moore Harriet Eliza
Moore Johanna
Moore Richard Waters
Morcom(B) Samuel
Morgan Catherine
Morgan George
Morgan Richard
Morley James
Morphett Joseph
Morriss George
Morris Richard
Morris Thomas
Morrison James
Mortlock William Ranson
Moseby/Mosely Charles
Moye Amelia
Moyle Cuthbert Tremaine
Moyle Edward
Moyle Elizabeth
Moyle Grace
Moyle James
Moyle John Hill
Moyle John Perry
Moyle Mary
Moyle Sarah
Moyle Thomas
Moyle Walter
Moyle William (1)
Moyle William (2)
Moyses Thomas
Mugge Julius Lewis Edward
Muir M. B
Mulle N w
Muller Heinrich
Multon Grace
Murphy James
Murray Robert
Murray William
Mutch Robert
Nagel Geroge (1)
Nagel George (2)
Nance John
Nankervis Caroline
Nankervis Charles
Nankervis Elizabeth
Nankervis Henry
Nankervis James
Nankervis William
Nash Charles
Nathan Burnett
Neales William H
Neilson William
Nettle Robert
Neville Edward
Nicholas James
Nicholas Jane
Nicholas John
Nicholas R
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholls Elizabeth
Nicholls Hugh
Nicholls James Henry
Nicholls Jane
Nicholls Johanna
Nicholls John (1)
Nicholls John (2)
Nicholls William Henry
Nicholls Worth Worthington
George Arthur
Nicholson William
Niewand Friedrich
Ninnes Joseph
Ninnes Thomas
Nippe Johann Gottried
Nixon George
Nobbs John
Nonmus Isaac
Noonan Catherine
Norrell James
Northey James
Norton William
Oates Betsy
Odgers Jacob
Oke Paul
Ohlenreedt(?) T
O’Leary Daniel
O’Leary John
Oliver John
Oliver Mary Jane
Oliver William
O’Loughlin Cornelius
Opie Frank
Opie Mrs Eleanor
Opie Nicholas
Opie T
Opie William
Orchard William
Osborne Samuel
Osborne William
Otto Carl Frederick
Ould William Uren
Overton Thomas
Owen William
Packham John
Palmer Thomas
Parthier Auguste
Pascoe John
Patterson Bridget
Patterson Frederick William
Patz Charles
Patz/Petz Herman
Paull John
Paxton William
Paynter Thomas
Paynter William
Pearce George
Pearce James
Pearce John
Pearce Richard
Pearce Samuel
Pearce Thomas
Pearce William
Pedler John
Pedler Thomas
Peirce William
Pellew John
Pellew Thomas
Pellew Thomazine
Pellew William
Penaluna John
Penglase Chritopher Phillips
Penglase Mary Ann
Penglase Samuel
Penn James
Penna A
Penny Charles Mounsey
Penny Henry
Penny James Parker
Pere F
Perry Sarah
Perry T
Peters Susanna
Pettit Thomas
Pfennig H c J
Phenerlurick Nanny
Philip/Philips John
Phillips Ann
Phillips Edward
Phillips James
Phillips Joseph
Phillips Josiah
Phillips Philip
Phillips Prudence
Phillips Richard Aubrey
Phillips Thomas
Phillips William Henry
Pickering Joseph
Pickett Thomas
Pihl Peter
Pike George
Pile J
Pinch Henry
Polkinghorne Francis
Polkinghorne John
Polkinghorne Josiah
Polkinghorne Samuel
Polkinghorne T
Polkinghorne William
Pollard Henry
Pollard James
Pollitt Rev. James
Pollock Thomas
Polglase Joseph
Pomeroyw William
Pool John
Poole Arthur
Pope J.T.
Pope William
Porter Tom
Pound Arthur
Powell Thomas William
Powell Harriett
Price Edward
Preis Frederick
Preis Johanna Dorothea
Preuss F
Prideaux Edwin
Prideaux Geroge
Prior Ann
Prior Catherine
Prior/Pryor John
Prior/Pryor Joseph
Pryor James sen & jnr
Pryor William
Prisk Hercules
Prisk Jane
Prisk Paul
Prosser Annie
Prosser Edward
Prosser John
Prosser William
Prout George
Prout John
Prouse/Prowse Thomas
Quicke William
Quinlan James L.
Rae Mary
Raisbeck Joseph
Ralph William
Ralph William
Ramsay/Ramsey Harriet
Ramsay William
Rand John Carl
Randall/Randell/Randle Alfred
Randall Richard
Rawlinson/Rowlinson Jane
Rawlinson Thomas
Rawlsdon James
Reed Charles
Redfern Benjamin
Reed John
Reed Richard
Reed Thomas
Reid Caroline
Reid John
Reinhardt Frederick William
Renton Richard
Reynolds William
Rice Joseph
Richards Ann
Richards David
Richards Elizabeth
Richards John
Richards Joseph
Richards Richard
Richards Samuel
Richards Stephen
Richards Thomas
Richards William
Richards William Henry
Richardson John
Richardson Thomas James
Richardson W
Richter George Henry
Frederick William
Ridgway Catherine
Riley James
Riley Patrick
Riley/Rylah Smith
Rillstone John
Ritchie John
Roach Cornelius
Roach George
Roach Captain Henry
Roach James
Roach John R.
Roach Paul
Roach Robert
Roach Thomas
Roach William
Roberts George
Roberts H
Roberts John
Roberts Joseph
Roberts Maria
Roberts N
Roberts P
Roberts Thomas
Roberts William
Robertson Mrs M
Robins Andrew
Robins J
Robins Walter
Robinson James
Robinson William
Rodda Thomas
Rogener Henry
Rogener J
Rogers Ann
Rogers Elizabeth
Rogers John
Rogers Richard
Roscrow Henry
Roscrow Mary
Roscrow Richard
Rose William
Rosenhain G.H.
Rosewall Thomas
Ross George Pollock
Ross J.J.
Rowe Ann
Rowe John
Rowe Rev. James
Rowe Mary Jane
Rowe Richard
Rowe Stephen
Rowe Johanna
Rowe Thomas
Rowett Joseph
Rowley Henry
Rowley/Rowling? Thomas
Rowling Henry
Rowling Tristram
Rowney George W.
Rule Charles Sandry
Rule Edwin
Rule James
Rule Dr. J.
Rule William
Rundle Richard
Rundle William
Ryan John
Salir E
Salmon Isaac
Sampson Henry
Sampson James
Sampson John
Samuel D
Sanders Alexander
Sanders James
Sanders Robert
Sanders William
Sanderson James
Sandow George
Sandow Joseph
Sandow William
Santo Philip
Saunders J
Saunders W
Savage Thomas
Schlatter/Schlotner W
Schmidt August
Schmidt Georg Ernst
Schmidt J.F.
Schmiedig/Schiemdig Carl Joachim
Schneider A
Schneider Lisa
Schneider Louisa Henrietta
Schneidler L
Schultz Christian
Schutz Friedrich Christian
Schwanke Maria Louisa
Scoble Mary Ann
Scoble Uriah
Scott Diana Rebecca
Scott James
Scragg William
Seaborne Henry
Secombe Josiah
Sellwood Joseph
Seymore John
Sharland John
Shell/Schell George
Shelly De. Rowland John
Shepherd S
Sheppardbottom William
Shields Robert
Short William
Shorter George
Sims Lewis
Sims Richard
Sims William
Simonds/Simmons? William
Simmons John
Simmons William
Sinclair Frederick
Sinclair William
Sison William
Skinner Edwin
Skinner William
Slade Edward
Slady Jane
Slate C
Sleep Joseph
Smart Benjamin
Smith Aaron
Smith Ann
Smith Edward
Smith Elijah
Smith George
Smith Henry
Smith Henry J
Smith James
Smith Jane
Smith John
Smith Mary Ann
Smith Thomas
Smith William
Snell Hannah Maria
Snell James
Snell Jane
Snell Louisa
Snell Richard
Snow Thomas
Sokolowsky Anton
Sonneman Matildas
Sorwen John
Souden/Sowden John
Southcott John
Spall John
Spargo Benjamin
Spargo Peter
Spargo William
Sparks James
Sprague William
Henry Percival
Stace Arthur Hill
Stacey Joseph
Stanley P
Stanton Hosiah
Staple William
Stark James
Steckel Albert
Stephens Francis
Stephens John
Stephens Margaret
Stephens Richard
Stephens Vivian
Stephens/Stevens John
Stephens/Stevens Samuel
Stevens Cherry
Stevens George
Stevens Thomas
Stevens William Anstey
Stephenson William
Steward/Stewart William
Steward/Stewart William
Stocks Samuel sen & jrn
Stoltze F
Stone Henry
Strike Edward
Stuart Wililam
Sturges William
Sullivan John
Sutton William
Sydeham Edmudn
Sydehan Jesse
Symons Elizabeth
Symons Elizabeth Goldsmith
Symons Francis
Symons John
Symons William
Tamblyn James
Tamblyn Mary Ann
Tamblyn Nicholas
Tank Charles
Tankard Alexander
Tapley Thomas
Tapp George
Taylor James Banfield
Taylor J F E
Teague Matthew
Teddy Luke
Templer W
Terrell/Terrill Elizabeth
Thomas A
Thomas Andrew
Thomas Elijah
Thomas James
Thomas John (7 of them)
Thomas Mary
Thomas Pricilla
Thomas Richard
Thomas Samuel
Thomas Thomas
Thomas William (7 of them)
Thomson Dr Allan M
Thomson John Port
Thompson Colin
Thompson James
Thompson V G
Thornton Joseph
Thrift William
Thureau F
Thureau G
Tolmer Inspector Alexander
Tonkin Elizabeth Jane
Tonkin John
Tonkin Mark
Tonkin Richard
Tonkin Wiliam
Torr James
Tozier Sarah
Trebilcock James
Trevilcock Martin
Tree Adeline
Tregea John
Tregear Joseph
Tregillis Daniel
Treloar Henry
Treloar James
Treloar John
Treloar William
Trembath William
Trenery John
Trenery/Trenary Mrs
Trenear Henry
Trenear James
Trenear John
Trenwith Thomas
Trescott Ann
Trescott Ann
Trescott George
Tresize Francis
Trezise Martin
Tresize Richard
Trestrail John
Elizabeth Matthews
Trevaskis Henry
Trevaskis John
Trevean Joseph
Trevena William
Trevilian John
Trevithick Henry
Trewarth Susan
Trewern/Trewren Henry
Trobitzsch Gottried
Trounier Heinrich
Truscott George
Truscott William
Tucker Grace Ann
Turley Ann
Turley George
Turnear Edward
Turner John
Tylor John
Upphill/Uppil George
Uren James Sweet
Uren John
Uren Thomas Pasco
Vanselow Franz
Varco/e Henry
Varco Elizabeth
Varco William
Veare Anne
Vearing/Venning Thomas
Venning Jane
Venning John
Verran Martin
Viant John
Villis Henry
Villis James
Vincent Nicholas
Vivian George R R
Vivian George William
Vivian John
Vivian Thomas
Vivian William
Voight A
Voight F
Vollmer F
Von Sommer Dr Ferdinand
Wade Robert
Wanger T
Wait Robert
Waldhuter Friedrich Carl
Walker Elizabeth Nicholson
Wallace James
Wallace Hugh
Wallace William
Wallis Elizabeth
Wallis James
Wallis Thomas
Walsh Mary Ann
Walters Charles
Walters Gregory Seale
Ward John
Ware Charles
Warn(e) Eliza
Warn(e) John
Warne W H
Warren Martin
Warren Mary
Warren Thomas
Warrick Francis
Warrick/Warwick Joseph
Warrick Richard
Warrick/Warwick S
Wasley Henry
Wasely Joseph
Waters Stephen
Watkins John
Watson Henry
Watson Margaret
Watts Elizabeth
Watts J
Watts Sarah
Wearn Catherine
Wearn James Nicholas
Wearn James
Wearn John
Wearn(e) Richard
Webb Charles
Webb Richard
Webber John
Webber Peter
Webster John
Wedekind A
Weeden Frederick
Weeks Elizabeth
Werfel Louisa Johanna
West John
West Robert
Westergren Nils
Whear Thomas
Wheeler Joshua
Wheeler Robert Alexander
Whellem/Whellum John
White John
White Nicholas
White William
Whitford Christopher
Whitford Elizabeth
Whitford James John
Whitford William
Wieland Carl F I
Wigg John
Wiggins Robert James
Wilcock Elizabeth
Wilcock Emma
Wilcock/Willcocks William
Wilks Thomas
Williams Ann
Williams Charles
Williams Christianna
Williams David
Williams James
Williams Jane
Williams John(6 of these)
Williams John Glanville
Williams John Henry
Williams Loammi
Williams Loveday
Williams Margaret
Williams Mary Ann
Williams Matthew
Williams Philip
Williams Richard
Williams Robert
Williams Solomon sen & jnr
Williams Thomas
Williams Thomas George
Williams Thomas H
Williams William (5 of these)
Willis Miss
Willoughby Thomas
Wills Julie
Wilson Charles Aimey
Wilson David
Wilson George
Wilson Thomas Richard
Wiltshire John
Winchcombe John P.
Windover William
Wissel/Vissel Gertrude
Wissel Maria Sophia
Witt F A
Wood A
Wood Daniel
Wood John
Wood John
Wood Joseph
Wood Louisa
William Peter
Woodforde James Edward
Woods J
Woollacott William
Wollner Carl
Wollner John
Worden William
Worth Joseph
Wren Abraham
Wren William
Wright James
Wright Thomas
Wright William
Wyatt James
Wyatt William
Wynnon Grace
Yeardley Alfred
Yeatman Henry John
Yelland Joseph
Yelland Loveday
Yelland William John
Youlton Josiah
Young William
Younol A
Zoller August